Bawtry Forest Trail 10K

For something different, try this friendly off road challenge. Mildly undulating and a little out of the way but worth the effort and you won't be ripped off in the name of 'charity'. Organised by runners for runners deep in the forest...


  • Its a possible for me. Im free that weekend
  • Where does it start? Anybody run it before?
  • See the link above for details, it starts at the end of Martin Lane, Bawtry. It's run through the forest all off road, twists, turns, ups and downs, maybe a few puddles and the odd log to hurdle but nothing too difficult and great fun, but then I'm biased...
  • i am thinking of doing it, seems like a nice local event. im doing a training plan for the great north run and it recommends a 10k this weekend, as i am in chesterfield this sunday, thought it might be just the one for me. not done a 10k before, only half marathons
  • We're in (hubby and I) and really looking forward to it looks like it should be a bit cooler than the last few days too.

  • Well done Maltby again! Great little run route, very pleasantly scenic, well organised, marked and marshalled. Nice socks too. Results anywhere?
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