Kidney biopsy

Mr FE has got one booke in a couple of weeks time. He's been told he won't be able to exercise for ten days. Is this because its painful for ten days or because of risk of bleeding? How painful/ uncomfortable is the procedure?

I know this isn't as interesting as the vasectomy threads but feel free to post an answer even if you haven't got a clue 'cos its's the first time I've posted my own thread and it would be a really good excuse to stop working and keep checking the forum.



  • I do them darling
    They shouldnt hurt at the time, cos we use local anaesthetic
    You may feel like youve been kicked in the back once the anaesthetic has worn off.
    The exercise thing is a safety precaution, however, bleeding usually happens in the forst 6 hours if its going to
  • Thanks Hippo
    fortunately it's not me but my husband whose having it, I've just got to look after him.
    This will reassure him. (your answer I mean not my looking after him midwives don't do sympathy at home)
  • I've had a number of biopsies - they are (generally) very safe.
    Do not underestimate the risk of bleeding -I had one bleed a week after the event (after I had been discharged from hospital) 24 housr later I was in intensive care, on a ventilator and with a less than 50/50 chance of survival. Fortuneately adverse effects are fairly rare (1 in about 2000 I'm told) and I would not hesitate to have another.
    I would say do not run - or do any physical exercise for a couple of weeks after the event.
    It's one of the few occasions where I would do EXACTLY what the dox say!!!
  • Thanks RB I'll pass the advice on.

    Mr fe will heed the advice. It might mean missing a race or two but his health is much more important.

    BTW he got a pb at the Stafford half marathon today.
  • Good luck and speedy recovery to Mr FE.
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