Cardiff Triathletes

I have been looking at the website and want to come along to the swim sessions you have on a Thursday. Is it ok for me to just turn up? I have emailed in the past but got no response and having just done the London Tri my swim really needs some work.

Any advice please


  • have a look at the Les Croupiers (sp?) club website(based in Cariff), they have a tri team and will probably help you out..

    good luck

  • Thanks GS just checked that out and it links you to the website I had looked at.
    I am way too slow to join Les Croupiers and already run for 2 clubs as it is
  • how about the Welsh tri Assoc, they must have a development orrificer who can help you out with a swimbling contact?

    I'm sure you can find help with the swimming, keep looking, check out the wbsite, I was looking at it t'other day, a bit basic, but it has inkys to all the tri clubs about.

  • links not inkys!
  • Thanks G-S

    Looking forward to getting my pirate kit soon too
  • Only just found this!!!!!

    Rio mail nam she is in the know about cardiff tri club.Her mate mandy is a member.

  • I'll text Mand x
  • Texted mate.  In the meantime found this...

    welsh tri clubs contact details with mobi number

  • What you doing on tri247! Very ponce that! Carbon plated ponce infact!image
  • I'm a closet ponce as you know...  image
  • Thanks

    Going to go along tonight in anycase but will ring to let them know

  • How did the session go Rio?  I have been thinking about delving into triathlons for a while, but I'm not that good a swimmer.  I got overtaken by a Cardiff Tri biker this morning on the way to work, managed to keep up with him for all of about 30 seconds!

  • Alan the session was brilliant.  They were really helpful and friendly.  I cant wait to go back again on Thursday (wish I could do the Tuesday as well)

     Come along you wont be left out.  There are different lanes for different abilities and I was in the slowest lane.  Got loads of help though already with my technique.  I cant praise them enough.

  • Hi Janie.  You will have to forgive me but I am hopeless with names.  I was in the slow lane with Laurie and he is fab but also met a few of the others too.   The coach is brilliant and has given me loads of help already.

    I am only going on a Thursday at the moment as I run on Tuesday nights (though I expect as the next season starts I will be doubling up then)

    Be good to meet you too but take care.  You are very brave getting back into things so soon after a C section.

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