Which is easier ???

Which is easier ???
Yesterday I managed to get my long run up to 14 miles and all though it was hard and slow id did not kill me but I am wondering how much harder it is going to get as I try and build to the Chicago marathon on Oct 7th.

The question I am posing is is it harder to go from vertially no running or at best a long run being 3 miles to 14 than 14 to a marathon distance. Or is the 14 upwards when it gets really hard ?

I hope this makes sense ??


  • I think you've gone through the worst of it. I loved my 15 mile+ runs when I was training for the FLM and actually missed them now when I went back to 10k racing. Before you know it you'll be tapering off so try to enjoy those long ones! Besides, you may never run at that distance again and it is such an achievement to know that you can run 15/16/17 miles off the cuff. You won't even realise how fit and motivated you are until you try to retrain to that standard - like me now getting ready for a half marathon and struggling!
    Good luck x
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