Super Spring Sprites

Good Morning fine FFF folks!!!!!!!!!
Hope we are all well? Have a good race/run or whatever you choose to do on this potentially glorious day.


  • Thanks Mr C!

    22 miles for me for the last time, or at least until April 13th :)

    The weather looks great out of the window - should be a fantastic day (cue Haircut 100)
  • Morning FR!!
    22 miles.........oooooooooooh!! you doing it on your own or do you have company? haircut 100?
  • I'm running with the club, which is always good as we just get chatting and the miles fly by. Until the last few, when we just grit our teeth and talk less!!!

    Haricut 100 - Nick Heyward, chunky sweaters, and a tune called "Fantastic Day". Around in the 1980s I think.
  • Glad to hear it - would find it very hard contemplating 20miles without company, what am i on about-would find it hard full stop!!
    Aren't clubs brilliant!!
    i know who they were, just not an officionado on their hits, thankfully:-)
  • Clubs are great!

    Glad you knew about Haircut 100, can't say I was a huge fan myself, but I liked that one, memories of drunken teenage parties swigging Watney's Party Seven and the like!
  • fraid it sounds like youre a bit older than me old bean!!i only know what Watneys is because of Monty Python!!
  • I probably am then!

    This is turning into A Fruity Boys front page!
  • Torremolinos Torremelinos.................
    stop that its silly!!!!!!!!
    Sounds that way- but there arent many folks on here who are younger than me!!!!!!!
    Fruity Boys rule the front page!!!!
  • They do now!!

    Give it a few months with the expert management of Bune and it may well be true in real life as well!
  • Scary thought hey!!
    Have a good un matey !
    Laters and Enjoy!!!!!!!!!
  • mornin
  • Cheers Mr C!

    Morning Benz! Have you seen the front page? Total FB supremacy and world domination - yay!
  • Morning all, leaving for Milton Keynes 16 in 5 mins. Will check back later - if not too zzzzzzzzzzz.
  • goodluck helen
  • yes fruity, i did

    Torremolinos indeed!
  • Morning Helen - have fun at MK. It's a 16 miler isn't it?

    Good luck to anyone doing the Kingston 16 (or 8) too :)

    If you've got it, flaunt it Benz!!
  • Dont tempt me-------------------

    (ambition is to walk across the backdrop of her local news topless)
  • Do it Benz!

    Bring out the Fruitiness in you!

    Sounds like a slogan for yoghurt or something :)
  • Right, I'd better go and get the vaseline.

    For my long run, before anyone gets smutty!
  • mmmmm, it has been rather smutty for the time of day
  • Are you running today Benz or having a day off after yesterday's treadmill madness?
  • Im on call, off to work in a mo
    may run later if the blep lets me, im not resident on call till tomorrow, my LAST resident on call!
  • Hooray!!
  • weird feeling
  • Know what you mean, I always feel weird when I leave a job or finish a course or anything.

    Plus you're moving up as well - you'll be the big cheese from April 1st. :)
  • Nope
    A little cheese with 2 other big cheeses

    A babybel!
  • That's still a big cheese to all the registrars and stuff in't it?
  • I really must dash now - see you guys later :)
  • have a good run
  • have a good un FR- am ready to vas up now too!
    Morning Benzy babe!!!!!!:-))))
    am off shortly too
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