First 5K training run

done a couple of 5Ks on the treadmill now so I thought tonight I would seize the bull by hthe horns and go on one of the Nike training runs, in the slow group!!!
My aim is to get round without dying.
Wish me luck :)


  • Have a good run, Gemini. Don't worry about whether or not you'll survive, or even whether or not you'll heep up. You will! Just enjoy it as a good social run.
  • Gemini, good luck , you're first PB on the way.

  • V - you do these things as a social occasion??? bbbbut it doens't involve alchol.
  • Sez who, Gemini? Do you really think all those people wearing the blue and yellow vests REALLY have Lucozade Sport in their bottles just because that's what the label says? If so, you're about to flunk your Forum Studies module.

  • V - lol

    Thought I'd update all you wonderful motivating ppl.
    I DID IT! didn't walk once :)
    31 mins - 5K
    Can't believe it.
    I'm on such a high.

    *goes to celebrate with ONE glass of wine*
  • Gemini - that is brilliant! Well done!
  • Gemini, well done on the 5k, I did 5k a couple of days ago and can understand the high. Must say though that my thighs are really stiff now, don't know if I didn't warm up enough.

  • I'm feeliung pretty good this morning, no stifness, but I did spend quite a bit of time warming down (walked home) and then did stretching and had a nice hot bath (with glass of wine)

  • lol, it took me 31 minutes which I was damn proud of however I was dying by the end not sure I could of done another 5K at the same pace. My goal for the Nike 10K is sub 75 minutes so it gives me some lee way.
  • I reckon that 75 mins is EASILY within reach. I usually reckon on 2 times 5k time plus 3 mins for a realistic 10K time. So if you are a relatively new runner add 5 minutes. Go for under 70, just do it!!
  • It's marvelous what a soak in the bath and a glass or two of wine does for recovery, well done Gemini.
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