Should I keep running or head to docs?

I am training for the GNR and trying to increase my mileage. Still only at 6 miles (oops) and the last couple of times I have done this I get a pain at the base of my knee where it joins the lower leg. Have new trainers and do other sport too (which doesn't hurt). Should I keep on plodding and ignore it or seek help? Any thoughts?


  • You should definitely not ignore it. Pain is there for a reason.

    Where did you get your running shoes (I'm assuming that they are proper running shoes) and were they fitted by someone who knows their stuff?

    Knees take a lot of abuse when running and the common themes for people who end up suffering from knee pain is not enough stretching of the rest of the leg and little or not core strength work. Including both of these in your training programme will far lessen your risk of injury.

    Stretching should be done on a daily basis. 20 minutes of stetching before bed should suffice and should focus on quads, hamstrings and calves.

    Core strength work should be done 2 or 3 times a week and should focus on abs, back, glutes, quads and hamstrings. Any muscle imbalances in any of these areas can lead to problems on other joints (particularly knee).

    I'm not sure what the specific cause of your knee pain may be because I have only ever suffered from ITB problems around the knee (which normally affects the outside edge of the knee, not where you describe the problem to be) but it could be that you are locking your knees out when running or trying to put your foot too far in front when you land and therefore putting a lot of strain on your knee as your leg acts as a brake. Try to focus on landing your foot underneath your body when you run, this will make you feel initially like you are leaning forward but it might help.

  • Hi Lucienne, 

    Providing you have the right shoes (as Hghlandmalted says) I'd see a physio who will diagnose the problem and give you specific stretches for it.

    I'm assuming you didn't really mean "docs". You don't want to go to a doctor. A doctor will probably just tell you to stop running (unless said doc is also a runner!)  

  • Hi, thanks for your advice.  I did get my trainers from someone who checked if they were suitable and I had not had problems before I got to 5 miles and above. 

     I did mean doctors but am loathe to go as I thought they would just say stop!  I will definately try the core strength and more stretching and see how things go.  I will also attempt the change in style...... running is definately proving more complicated than I expected!

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