boyfriend trouble

oh god!  hes dumped her.  My daughters first boyfriend has told her he doesnt want to see her anymore, she 15 and hasnt stop crying.  we had a cuddle and i,ve told her she's only got to say the word and i'll hire a hit man.

oh the joys of having 4 daughters, i can feel a run coming on!


  • Lets just hope he doesn't want to date one of the sisters...


  • thats cheered me up!!

  • At least he didn't do it right before exam season....
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    The first thought I had when my son announced he had a girlfriend was "Oh no, he'll be so upset when they split up"! They've been 'going out' for 6 months now, awwwwww.
  • I go with the chocolate.  It's the worst thing in the world at the time but  Just wait a few weeks and someone else will be cute.  True love at 15 is a fickle thing!  If not hire the hit man!    Do you know a good hit man???  If so how much and whats his number! 
  • I'd just be happy she waited until she was 15 before you had to go through this.
  • I don't need a hitman BM!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Tell her - its only downhill from here? lol. In all seriousness just tell there to go watch some girly movies with her friends, then go out to the next disco/rave (whatever kids go out to these days) and make him insanely jealous with her amazing dancing and friends.

    The best revenge she can give him is to show him how much bigger and better she i WITHOUT him... and she is... anyone that cant realise how wonderful your daughter is... isnt worth it image

  • i told my mum & dad i had a girfriend back in 1985, they said it would last three weeks, 22 years later, seven years married coming up, two kids, still together.

  • Well done Steve
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