Amsterdam Marathon

I am thinking about entering the Amsterdam marathon after seeing that it appeared in the top 10 world marathons, as well as the fact that it is just as cheap to get to as London.

Has anyone entered or run it. I am slightly confused by the online entry system, and is it true that you can enter on the day? What is the procedure for picking up race numbers etc... i.e when is the latest that you have to be there.

For anyone else who is interested it takes place on the 20th October

Thanks for any advice



  • i ran it in 2000 and entered the day the race starts at about 11 in the morning they still take entries on race day.the course is a 2 lap 21 km loop and it can be pretty fast although i have to admit that i was not that fit when i ran it. i will be doing it again this year with a few of my pick up yur race no etc at the olympic stadium where the registration takes place.

  • Hi Patrick (sounds like you may be Dutch)
    I've made enquires about the Half in Amsterdam. I don't think my body can handle the full marathon so soon after my achilles injury (sustained during FLM). I'm on my comeback trail and thought an overseas half would be good. What's the best way to go about entring ??? I should use SportsTours or LPG. Should i just enter on the day, make my own travel/hotel-guesthouse arrangements. Good luck with the training and who knows, might meet up for a few post-race beers in Amsterdam.
  • Thanks for the advice Patrick,

    I have just entered on-line so no going back now :o) Looks like a great race.

    RFYL: You can enter via I guess there is no real advantage to doing this if you have to pick up your race number and you can enter on the day. I have just got coach travel for under £50 return, so added to one nights accomodation this would prove much cheaper than using the 'sports operators'.


  • i do travel writing on running events and feel that organised tours are a rip off.rather organise the whole thing yourself as it is much cheaper.i will be in london on business then so am doing the overnight bus thing and then shacking up with a mate the night b4 the race.would love to have a few beers before the race.and no i am not dutch but proudly south african.a week end in amsterdam with a marathon thrown in is normally an unforgettable experience.
  • Never done this half or full. But a big plus must be that you needn't decide till the day (or day before) whether to do the half or full (or neither). Also it looks as if entry is cheaper when you get there, than if you had pre-registered. So, all I have is a cheap flight and the Lonely Planet guide for Amsterdam (a combination that works for anywhere's marathon)
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