Thanet 10...anyone done it?

Am thinking (note, THINKING) of doing the Thanet 10 in December, wondered if anyone has done it. I looked at the results of last year's and the last person to finish was about 2 hours - probably same as I would do! It has put me off entering thinking in advance I may be the last to finish, even though I know there's always that chance as I am very slow.....if you see what I mean!

I knew I shouldn't have checked the results...


  • Would it really bother you?

     I would've thought a time fo two hours would put you near the back of most, if not all, 10 milers. It's nothing to be ashamed of, and neither will you take stick (quite the opposite, so I am assured).

    On that basis, there's nothing to hold you back. Otherwise you'll never do a race.

  • Yep - I did it last year.. it was very, very windy!

     But its a lovely friendly run, pretty flat terrain along the seafront, and there would be no problem even if you were last - you'd still get lots of support.

     I did 1 hour 40 last year - which was quicker than I anticipated, so I reckon you'd get under that 2 hoursimage

    Would love to do it again - but am doing the Luton mara relay on the same day

    And if you like the 10 miler...there is a 20 in March...I did that too!

  • I did Thanet 10 2 years ago and it was good, a bit windy in places but good all the same.  I did around 1 hour 50, don't worry about being last it's not that important really.  Just as long as you do your best there will still be people to cheer you on when you finish.image
  • OK you lot - sold! I am going to do it when the entry're right, does it matter as long as I do it. (A friend's husband laughed at my hour to do 5 miles recently but I was in confident mode and said 'so how many miles did you run today'!!!)

     And when is the 20 miler, is that also organised by the Thanet Roadrunners? How near to the April 13th date for FLM, more to the point - as I am doing that!!

  • Its at the beginning of march - its timed to be a 'training' run for FLM.  I did it as my first 20 miler for FLM this yearimage

  • Nice one - thanks for the info!!
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Ok, I'm a bit biased being a TRAC but the Thanet 10 covers all, I did it last year in 1.47 ish and it was fine (well, bar the weather but we don't mention that!!!).   I'll be there but marshalling with bump hopefully so see you there!
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    shmaggle, thanet 20 is great for flm!

    Done the 10 as well, couple of times, they are lovely races and they are all friendly, go on you know you want to...

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 

  • Everything already said is true. The Thanet Roadrunners really know how to put on good races and I think I'm right in saying you will never be last as a member of the club always runs tail end Charlie. Its a great atmosphere at this race as its the last in the season and, although the weather can be challenging, I am confident you will love it. Oh, and I loved your "how far have you run" quip. Well done image
  • Thanet 10 is a must - brilliant race,  even with the weather!  fab marshals, and the best bacon buttie cafe at the finishimage  see you there....
  •  Smaggle,

    Hello I was third from last in that race....the weather was not pleasent as in it was chucking it down so may have put people off but when the race started the rain stopped....I loved the fact that there were jelly babies at the half way mark...means that I will be doing it again this year. Please do not worry about being near the back the fact that you are competing shoud be enough. The marshalls were really encouraging go for I always say that I have paid my money hence I will plod as quick as my little legs will carry me...image

    See you there


  • It sounds really good! And not just for the jelly babies and the bacon butties....

  • It sounds really good! And not just for the jelly babies and the bacon butties....

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