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when I am not trying to sort out the foot issues of the peope of oxfordshire [and beyond] it has been known that I venture eiher outside or onto the treadmill at the gym for a bit of a plod, I say plod but I normally describe myself as running like ' a shire horse with a speech impediment' 

Anyway to get to the point, I like the next man likes a bit of music to sweat to, the ipod is permenantly welded to my arm when exercising but the problem I have is the earphones just keep dropping out my ears, not just the ordinary apple ones but i spent £30  on a pair of fancy sony in-ear earphones with an assortment of sized rubber bits and they still don't work every 2-3 minutes one [normally the left] just falls out, dangles around for a few strides then pulls out the otherone

my question is this....does anyone have any suggestions at to a decent set of earphones so i can prevent falloutimage


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    I had the same problem Footman - I got some cheap small over the head ones from the Apple Store - I read the reviews and people seemed to recommend them for running and they were right - never had a problem since. They only cost £15 and sound fine to me (though I am not a techie geek like someimage) Sennheiser PX10
  • i use these never fell out or had any problem with them dosnt matter to me if im sweating buckets or running in winter they seem to stay in and there cheap argos page 900 item 23 philips shs3200 hope this helps £8.97 cheap as chips
  • Yeah - I've had the phillips over the ear ones before - they work well.  I thought theyd stopped doing them and have the Sennheiser ones - they still stay in, but tend to hurt my ears after 1hr or more.
  • thanks guys.....cougie, not much problem with hurting after an hour or more, i never get to stay out that longimage
  • I use the Phillips over-the-ear phones too, because I don't like a band over the top of my head (I don't have enough hair!). 

    I do have to secure them a little though - a hold my iPod in my hand instead of using a band - so I run the wire around a safety pin which I then attach to my shirt at the back of my neck. Seems to work well.

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