Any legal-type people in the house?

Afternoon all,

I have a quick question. the school behind my house has previously asked for permission to build a number of five-a-side pitches, along with a clubhouse (with license). this has been rejected no less than 6 times, but they have put another application in.

However, this time it is taking months, as the school keeps making tiny amendments which is making the whole process drag on. I understand that the planning officer has to allow more time for each of this tiny amendments to be considered publicly, but where do we residents stand - it seems very unfair that we should have this thing hanging over us for months on end with no end in sight?

I'm thinking of asking the residents whether they would be up for a meeting with the school and council to discuss - is this a possibility? Are the public able to orginse these things or is that something only the council can do?

Any advice would be really appreciated.


  • Wouldnt you rather have it put off than rushed through ?

    The meeting you suggest could speed up the process and maybe help the school get it through ?

  • Oh...on second thoughts then...

    but aren't the tiny amendments to try and make sure it gets through anyway?

  • Hi Lawro, sorry, I don't quite understand.

    Do you want the school expansion? Or are you against it and are looking for legal advice to stop it?

    Either way, you could ask other residents to get together and propose a meeting with the school/council.  You'd need to get a few on board in order to be taken seriously.

  • Could be worse I guess though ? Lots of schools have sold land for houses - and then you'd be overlooked ?  Maybe you'd be better off talking to your local councillor - they love stories like this to hook the votes in.
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