MBT shoes

I'm toying with the idea of getting some of these (for general walking etc) Anyone have any comments on these?




  • Personally i think they're overpriced rubbish.  But I've not used them.
  • Fair enough.  I did wonder.
  • There was a post a while back from someone who was keen on them. Their yoga instructor who sells them recommended them, and I believe she was gonna run a marathon in them. Didnt hear how she got on. She was probably pipped by the bloke in the diving suit...
  • Could be!  I'll do a quick search and see.....
  • I've often wondered about MBT's -- if you buy 1 pair does that effect you ability to wear 'normal' shoes? and also does prolonged wearing change your gait/bio-mechanics?

    Personally I would agree with Cougie -- they seem horrifically expensive & look ridiculous. Can't imagine running any significant distance in them

  • You aren't meant to run in them - the soles are very high and must be a bit clompy.

    So for the girl selling them to think that she could run a marathon in them  - just makes me think she's an idiot. 

     I've only seen one woman wearing them. Didnt seem to have done anything for her physique !!

  • I bought a pair and then assigned them to the back of the wardrobe.  I did find that the muscles in my calves were sore when I wore them, so in that sense I felt I was getting a workout when wearing them, but as Cougie says, they look ridiculous and my main problem with them was that they made my legs feel so tired and heavy all the time.  And don't even think about chasing the bus when wearing them or going at any speed - you'll fall on your face.  Personally I wouldn't buy another pair - and probably won't wear the ones I do have again....  Mine cost £169 last winter.
  • Overpriced fad - just do proper exercise.

    They can only be worn with very long trousers surely (ugly shoes).

    Masai barefoot technology - the clue's in the name - they didn't wear shoes, doh!!

  • 2 of my colleagues have worn them - one a nurse because they looked nice and she thought they did make her posture abit better - the other a Physio thought they did help with her back problems but she didnt wear them for long

    probably better for you  than stillettos tho ! 

  • talked to 2 people who wear them - a busy waitress who is a runner and my mum  -both said the yare keen on them. Bloody expensive though! But the inventor is Irish so there you go....
  • I wear the MBT sandals for general walking e.g. to work; they are certainly not supposed to be running shoes (can't even run for a bus in them!). They were recommended by my massage therapist to help with my gait (I have collapsed arches and tend to heel strike with overstride) - they certainly do encourage you to shorten the stride and walk smoothly, lifting toes up, encourages good walking and running technique.

    So I find they work for me but they are expensive and I only got them because my previous sandals literally fell apart so I would have had to buy some anyway, I just chose to spend twice the price! The sandals are incredibly comfortable too which was another factor in buying them because I struggle to find really comfortable, well fitting shoes.

    I would recommend that you get good advice from someone you trust to knnow what they're talking about; they work for me because of specific issues but would not suit everyone. Also you are supposed to wear them a little bit at a time to start with because they are quite hard work and your legs need to get used to walking in a different way. My mum has sworn by scholl sandals for longer than I've been alive but I can't stand the damn things (we both have genetically terrible feet!), so just goes to show that you need to find what works for you.

  • Zarafa, thanks.

    I wasn't planning to run in them, just for walking, work etc.

    I get on well with Birkenstocks so I am used to having to "work to walk" but if I do go ahead I'll do as you say and start a little at a time.



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