strathaven 50

i ran this race on sunday well some of it and although i was nowhere near the time i predicted I FINISHED!!!!  some people seem to take great delight in seeing you  take a fall but like i say i done it after feeling like pulling out so many times.put it this way give me an ultra any day  i would  rather do that than run round a stupid track and yes i have ran on the track so i know what its all about.  there  i had to get that of my chest


  • Hail Hail

    Nice one remoh.  Well done.  Had been considering it myself as its roughly my neck of the woods.  Would have been my first ultra, but injuries and lack of enough long miles conspired against me.

    Well done again.

  • this was my 6th ultra(2 bridges 35 miles)  but my first 50 miler but i hope to back next year.  even though it is a small field(12 started 9 finished) there is a 10hour limit and from everyone from marshalls to cyclists(there is a cycle race going on as well) giving you encouragement it really helps to keep you going
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