Whinging on about PF...

There was another link on Plantar Fasciitis but it's gone quiet, so I thought I'd bring it to attention again. If anyone would like to chat in here about the looooonnngggg road to recovery, I'd be glad to swap stories.

I'm currently giving the green superfeet inserts a go. Seems to help, but then again, I have stopped running now as well, so who knows?!

I have a question. I have a lump, scar tissue, which I need to break down. The thing is, by pumelling the injury site I only encourage the formation of web scar tissue again. How can I get out of this never ending circle?

Help footman, are you there?


  • sorry dear, been away soaking up the drizzle on the south coast, have you tried rollong your foot over a golf ball
  • Yep, can I be overdoing this maby and making it worse?

    Sorry to hear your hols were a washout image(

  • Whoops wrong smiley. Should've been this one image
  • the weather was actually very good, but people expect you to talk about bad weather in the UK 

    not sure you are over doing it, keep trying the ice if the area is sore

  • How many bags of peas can one get through in a month I ask you! he he...
  • try biofreeze gel, lasts for hours and you don't have to sit still
  • still going for me

    i'm rolling a hard knobbly green plastic ball under my feet as we speak - not sure where i got it from but it's purpose built for pf

    also using a cold pad i bought at flm expo - didn't think it would get this much use!

    nearly there - i'm training on cross trainer at the gym which sometimes affects the pf but not nearly as much as running and i can't stop training altogether - here's to running again soon 

  • lots of calf and hamstring stretches too
  • Thanks Footman & PottingShed. If you remember where the ball came from let me know. That sounds great!

    Where do I get biofreeze gel? Can you get it at the pharmacy?

  • boots and other good pharmacies sell it as do selected foot related businessimage
  • Right. thanks  ...and off to shops.
  • i googled it - there you go! Good luck in finding one

    I may even have bought it on hols in US

  • well there you go, i use their fast fix glue [great for sticking soles back on running shoes]  and have the sole and heel press...never knew they did things like that
  • Ooh... happy feet. Thanx for the link PottingShed.
  • Hi Wacky Racer, many years have past since your post however did the green superfeet help your PF?

  • Good luck to all of the runners who have P.F,  it is bloody horrible injury and i had days when i didnt think it will ever go, then when it did go in my left foot i had the condition in my right foot months later. My advice would be dont stop running with P.F just cut your distance down, I still dont think assics runners done me any favours, i changed to Reebok transition which bend practically in half. image

  • Talos why do the reeboks help if they are flexible? I thought you needed loads of firm support and protection for PF to recover?
  • If its any help, my mum (who doesn't run) has had PF. She walks a lot and in stupid shoes which is probably why she has this problem. She saw a physio who gave her foot exercises to do with a tennis ball and then hot-cold therapy. (Two bowls, one with hot water the other with ice, swap feet from one to the other) her PF had been bothering her for about 6-8 months before she started treatment and went away after about a month. She still wears stupid shoes and walks long distances but now does walk barefoot at home and I think this helps.


    With regards to the scar tissue, what you need to do is keep your feet moving. Its the same with many ligament injuries, the scar tissue with begin to form again but if you keep breaking it up it shouldn't form in the same way, keep your feet flexible with things like a golf ball or tennis ball and calf raises, walking barefoot and of course foot massage. Don't run until your healed or your just inviting the problem back again. Rest will make a big difference (and sleeping well) but rest does not mean you can't keep moving to keep your feet flexible.

  • Talos do you still have it or did you get rid of it, how?
  • hi everyone. In oct 2010. I developed P.F in my left foot. I was 2 run the V.L.M the following april. As i said i still kept on running 4 times a week only about 5km. P.f does not hurt when you run its the following mornimg getting out of bed which is when u get the horrible dull ache. And pain but once you get the fascia in the foot warmed up u start 2 walk better. I had it in my left  foot for about 4 2 5 months. I could gradually  feel it get better after 2 months. I used a golf ball. A small ribbed wooden roller. For massaging my feet 1 hour a night. I also brought one of theese cheap foot spa's for about £30. Then put 6 tablespoons of rockrsalt in it and have the water warm and keep my feet in it 4 a whole hour. Oh by the way wonder woman my feet seemed 2 cope better in a flexible running shoe. Its a long old slog but i would say running did not do my P.F any harm. I would of put on loads of weight if i would not of ran.

  • Jennn that sounds encouraging, must admit I am on month 5 of this PF now and have been getting lazier on stretches and exercises. Maybe it is worth the effort!! I have been keeping active with swim and cycle but no running. Feeling a bit disillusioned, will it ever get better? Most days it is pretty fine but will then randomly start to ache, very boring!

    Good to have some company on here tho.
  • Well if its any help the key for my mum was TV. She likes to watch the soaps and either Corronation Street or Emerdale (not sure which) would come on and it was like a sort of reminder for her. She'd sit there either with her feet swapping about between hot/ice water or with tennis balls under her feet. If your not a soap fan or don't have a TV you could always try rolling your feet around tennis balls when your on your computer or even if you can and have a desk job at work do the same when your at work. Just make sure to keep control of the tennis balls otherwise you could land yourself a health and safty wrap on the knuckles!

  • Hi guys,

          I had the worse case of pf in both feet you could imagine, my advice would be to stop running completely for a while, or you will make it worse, but the trick is to know your limitations with it, i was offered surgery , one at a time, i pulled back from that ,mine  was caused by over training , damaging my archilles and then calfs,i tried everything known to man , and nothing worked, although injections gave me about a weeks grace without pain ,5 years on and im back running, i still suffer, but some how i have managed to control this brute of an injury , i cant run like i used to , but i dont care , im thankfull for small mercies , good luck , best wishes .


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