Grunty Fen (Ely) Half Marathon

I'm running this on Sunday; sounds like a nice homely event and quite flat. Has anyone else done it in the past; what's it like?



  • Mike,
    I've run Grunty the past 3 years, great event & well organised. The only problem can be the weather as the fens are rather exposed. As one of my club members noted,
    "When its windy the only thing to shelter behind are the cabbages"

  • I ran Grunty Fen a few years ago and can confirm those comments - yes its flat but very exposed, so if its windy it can be absolutely soul destroying. But in good conditions a PB course.

    Another recommendation, there is little shade so if its sunny, try wearing a hat.
  • Thanks guys - my pack arrived yesterday and to their credit, they mentioned both of those points. Have to check the weather forecast!

    I ran the Great South Run a couple of years ago and was on for a pb until I hit the coast road at the end. The headwind was so strong it took about 3 or 4 minutes off my time in the final mile and a half.

  • I am a member of Ely Runners - who organise this great race.

    Conditions are looking good for this weekend, at present dry, bright and warm with light winds - but keep checking the forcasts.

    Looking forward to seeing a large field. Don't forget YOU CAN ENTER ON THE DAY!!
  • My wife ran last year and had a good run - we are both running this year and looking for PB's
  • I did this one a few years back - it is a fast flat course, but the year i did it was AWFUL weather. Not quite a PW, but close!
  • I'm running this on Sunday for the first time, look forward to seeing you all there. Forecast is mixed, lets hope for the best!
  • I did this a few years ago, and agree with the above. My abiding memory is that there is a long straight bit in the middle where every time you look up, absolutely nothing around you appears to have moved, thanks to the bleak fenland landscape. Definitely a course to run next to someone rather than on your own.
  • Well done to the organisers. This was an excellent race; the course was actually much more interesting/scenic than the comments above suggest and I often found myself looking around at the landscape more than at the people in front of me. And it is the only race I've ever come across to offer beer at the drinks station - an excellent drop of ale it was too!

    One criticism however (and it's not unique to this race) was the inaccuracy of the mile markers. I was using the race to judge the my ideal pace for the Chicago Marathon in October, so was disappointed to find - despite my steady pace mile 4 was 30 seconds faster than the rest and mile 6 a minute slower!

    That apart, well worth doing for anyone who wants a fast, friendly local event and a mid-race injection of alcohol!

  • My splits reflect something similar - a quick mile at 3-4 and a long/slow mile around 10-11 (not all accounted for by the drink stop and hill)

    My wife's splits are similar in variation although a damn site quicker than me (1.39 against 1.51!!) but then I'm VET 45 and she's not. Apart from that, it was a good event, well run and marshalled. Congrats to Ely.
  • Thanks to all who took part, the full results can be found by visiting

    See you all next year (or at out New Year's Eve 10k)
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