New to the UK - what do you guys wear in winter?

I'm a newbie (hi everyone!) with an odd question.  I moved over here from Australia last year and have finally run out of excuses for not training.  I'm struggling to buy running gear though - the sports shops I've popped into seem more like fashion shops.  I am also not sure what to get - I am assuming that winter will be too cold to wear shorts, but i just can't imagine training in tracksuit pants - especially when it rains.

I have googled this extensively but can't seem to find the answer - can anyone help?


  • can we just enjoy our week of summer before talking about winter clothing ?


  • I would certainly freeze wearing shorts in winter. How about leggings? Capri length or full length - there are lots of styles and weights of material to choose from. Some are made of very light breathable lycra and don't feel sweaty and horrible at all.

  • I wear shorts all year, as I am a *real* man.

    Seriously though, in the winter just a smearing of vaz on your main muscles and that is plenty to stay warm.
  • Yeah, but red white and blue limbs do not a pretty sight make.
    And perhaps Jungle Jane has no desire to be a real man?

  • Oh my word M.eldy - do you mean to say that this is not winter weather?  Shriek!

    Thanks all for your replies!

    I am totally squeamish about vaseline - I really loathe the texture.  My mum told me that it was made from whale blubber as a kid and I was 18 years old before I found out it's not true and she had just been trying to gross me out.  I never quite got over that...thanks mum.

     I might give leggings a go if I can find them - and hat and gloves?  oh my word...perhaps I just found my perfect excuse for slacking offimage

    Never been to Canberra kittenkat - but I've been to the snow a few times.  Awesome stuff is snow - it chills your beer in under 3 minutes! 

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    <gapes in amazement at someone who would emigrate from Oz to here>

    If I'm out for a hard run in winter, then a technical fabric T and shorts are enough. I'll wear nothing but a little singlet and skimpy shorts in a race, regardless of the temperature. If for something more sedate, then tights or Ron Hill tracksters below, a light fleece over a singlet above. I also wear a fleecy cap on the head, given my state of advanced follicular regression.

    When it's raining, I wear a gilet. Many like jackets, but I find the sleeves make my arms cold. Skin's watertight anyway.

    And when it's really persisting it down, I either don't go for a run, or use the rowing machine. 

    You say the sports shops are more like fashion shops. I suspect you've been looking in places like JJB or JD. Don't waste your time in such places, and find a real running shop. The largest UK retail chain is Sweatshop, but there are others as well.

  • try Sweatshop for some proper kit....or the online stores.  JJB sports, Sportsworld cater more for *looking* good and have err, a somewhat limited range of really useful stuff. 

    If you can give the area (just vaguely) where you live, then maybe someone will know a good sports shop locally.

     In the decent shops / online, you can get full length lycra leggings which are great for winter running.  For the really freezing days, you can even get ones with fleecy insides (I run sloooowly, so need the extra help!)

     Welcome to UK image

  • Good point sharkie - blotchy purple legs in short?  eeeeeek.  I don't think I want to be a real man if it invovles vaseline anyhow.

    Thanks for the Sweatshop tip Muttley - the shops I have been looking in look more like clothing you would wear to make a hip hop video.

    I moved here to get away from australian flies - nothing worse than inhaling a fly on an uphill.... 

  • I'm in Ilford, Essex (heyyyy don't laugh - I'm foreign...I don't know any betterimage).  I went to Romford yesterday - and yes the shop was call Sportsworld.  Stupidly I thought it sold sportgear...i tried JJD in ilford too - but will find a Sweatshop (my word, I never thought i would say that sentence) asap.

    thanks heaps all - i can't wait to get matching gloves and knitted hat!

  • Spring / Summer / Autumn - Shorts and a vest

    Winter - Shorts and a Vest (last year as late as start of Dec), Light T and gillet, light T and jacket, Light T and jacket plus vaz. I will add an 'FLM 2003' hat to the last 2 combinations if it is hammering down and cold.

    If you can't do vaz, which surely is made out of petroleum, try lard.

  • Jungle Jane - as KK says - there are loads of good online retailers listed on the home page. Also if you are in Ilford then a trip to the west end of the Big Smoke is possibly not out of the question? Runners Need, SheActive, Run and Become, London Marathon shop are all good. And that's just a few. The big dept. stores have reasonable sportswear sections too.

    Any excuse to buy clothes and shoes I say.

    (I do have a very fetching pair of silver spikes....)
  • jj I find I can't run with a jacket on at all, a gillet for cold winter days when its wet and windy will keep the body warm without overheating.

    Anyway it really doesn't get that cold in southern england, and the temp. is just right here in Northern Scotland.

  • Ignore that, posted on wrong thread.
  • woooopeeee...i love the internets - turns out its a 30 minute trip on the Central line between me and sports clothing nirvana.

    *starts warming her credit card up for a big spend*

    I guess its going to be (an expensive) trial and error - i can't imagine wearing even long sleeves -  i wonder if its a case of either being comfortable as you set out (ie not cold) but then getting too hot as you run...or being a bit cold when you set out (not good for injuries) but comfy towards the end?

    I'm just off for my first ever run in the UK sunshine - I am so excited to be able to go for a run and not swallow flies.

  • Not swallow flies, think again !
  • You are aiming to feel a bit cold when you head out.  Or learn to feel comfortable running while carrying the top layer of now-not-needed-kit image
  • NamNam ✭✭✭

    Gore tights and long sleeved top, jacket if necessary, sometimes gloves and fleece hat. imageimageimage

    I LOVE running in winter!!!!!!!

  • Long sleeved jackets can be tied round the waist...

    I've also experienced some very nasty fly bites while running in London.  Only on exposed flesh though!

  • cold ?

    its not cold and when it does get a little cooler most Brits will wear less

    bliddy whinging Oz-zies !

    *this is a jokeimage

  • I bet the Aussie covered in green slime is really wishing the naked Pom would blow his nose on the sidewalk instead??



    colder it gets the less we wear

  • I wear shorts all year round.

    Vaseline !!! And he calls himself a 'real man' - where I come from girls queue for nightclubs in crop tops and mini skirts, even in December and January.

    Long sleeves, gloves and a hat if I can see my breath when I step outside. Can't bear anything around my legs.

  • Buney, is that a pair of blue tits I can see flying by in that first picture? *G*  Maybe they're after some nuts.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    You live in Ilford?  There's a decent running shop near Liverpool St which is probably your entry into London.  Other than that, go online or go to Decathlon in Canada Water which is a great place to get cheap kit.
  • The shop near Liverpool St is Runner's Need....
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