Have I taken on more than I can handle?

I am training (if that is the right word) for a 10k in 6 weeks, one in November and a half marathon in the spring. My ultimate goal is to run the Stockholm marathon 2004 with my younger brother (who is very fit) my brother-in-law (who is extremely fit) and my husband (who is not..).
I need goals to aim for, otherwise I get disillusioned and give up. At the moment I can run a 10 miinute mile quite comfortably for 5 miles (which is the longest I have run) Do I stand a chance of making it or should I throw in the towel now??



  • Catrine, of course you don't give up.

    10k is just over the 6 miles and a 5 x 10 min miler comfortably would enable you to do it faster than me tomorrow. With six weeks training you can build on this to ensure you have a 6 mile+ run in you already and give you a psycological boost on the day to treat it as a race.

    You can then find half marathon schedules on the internet for beginners, and intermediates. For example, I shall follow the Bath Marathon website one from late December to mid-March(if I get a place).

    A marathon in 2004. Well, you have plenty of time compared to many and all your present training is good stuff towards that goal. Take one step at a time and after the half you can reassess the goal.
  • Hi Catrine,

    Don't know if it will help you gain confidence, but I built up from running 10 minutes and wheezing for 15 to running the London marathon - so I have no doubt that you'll be fine.

    You're right to break it down into smaller races. I ran my first 1/2 marathon a couple of years ago and it seemed to take ages to get up to that distance.

    I found that getting to running for an hour was the hardest part - and then I was able to add distance quite easily after that. I jumped from 5 miles to about 8 or nine in no time at all.

    A half marathon next spring gives you about twice as long as I took to build up to that distance - so you'll have no probs. If you haven't decided which 1/2 to do, I've run the Leeds 1/2 for the last three years - in May.

    Keep at it

  • Thats seems a very sensible plan to me Catrine, I'm going 0 to 10K in 5 weeks you are building up slowly and always have something to aim for, have you got a structured traning programme?
  • Hi all,
    thank you for your morale boosting words.
    Yes, Gemini, I do have a training plan. I "stole" it from the Running world web site.
    I have done 3 miles tonight. It still feels really good and I do enjoy my runs.
    I will write in to the forum occasionally and let you know how I get on.

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