Jersey Island Challenge

I'm entered for the Jersey Challenge this year, and would be keen to hear any views on the race or tips you might have for it.  Training by biking the Cotswolds and hily escarpment edge runs but I have no real feel for how hilly the race will be.  I'm comfortable with the paddling having raced floppy inflatables before.


  • I have not done this, but I am going to be going to Jersey for the marathon in October.

    It is not hilly, but that will depend on how many times you go from sea level to the flat(ish) top of the island.  It's about 300' ( at least that's the height of sea cliffs I have climbed on the island ).

    The only real rises are from the sea to inland.

    When is the Jersey Challenge?  Do you know that route of the run part?


  • Its on the 30th September - so just the weekend before the marathon.  The run goes from St Catherines bay out and back, westwards along the North Coast which you can see at  but I like what I'm hearing!  Thanks Colin
  • Hi, i am also doing the event this weekend. have heard that there is only two major hills. right at the begining of the bike and about half way round at the lighthouse. good luck. team kingedwards
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