Stockley Park 5

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Anyone have any information on this race?


  • What do you want to know?

    We did it last year.  Its a nice green course around Stockley park.  Quite challenging 5m in our opinion. 

    Well organised and lots of parking, and a pub within 100m of the finish!

    Great goodie bags last year too.

    We will both be there on Sunday morning!

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    Are you two (is it two?)ocal? Is it quite hilly?

  • Yes its two, yes we're local.  We run round the park at least once a week!

    Define "hilly"?   image

    We'd say more undulating than hilly!  What slopes there are are generally shortish.

    So in answer, its not flat, but not hilly. 

    The surface will be mainly paths (solid gravel/earth typpe)

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    I'll see you two there, whoever you are image

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    Did you enjoy the race?
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