Bristol Frontrunners.

Are there any runners in the Bristol area who are interested in setting up Bristol Frontrunners? Specifically intended to be a no-hassle place for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transexual runners, along with their friends, families and anyone else who wants to participate in club running at any level, minus the phobic aggro.

Details of London Frontrunners below:

If interested contact: [email protected]


  • Sad that there aren't ANY clubs in Bristol where LGB can feel welcome.
  • Hi! Just reinvigorating this to see if there is any interest at all in starting a Frontrunners group in Bristol and any interest in helping me organise one! Bristol seems a very LBTQI+ positive city in many ways and in these COVID times I think we need more ways to come together as a community in a safe way.
  • @paddybox1 I do the 5k harbourside run a lot and feel the same! Little to zero knowledge as to how to get something like that off the ground though! 
  • A year since the last post on this thread, I'd also be very interested in this - it feels like a massive gap in Bristol that there's no Frontrunners group or anything like it
  • Hello, I've been considering setting up an LGBTQ + running group in Bristol, so am going to try and make it happen for 2023! I'm an England Athletics run leader (LiRF). I have so far established a Bristol Frontrunners group with Run Together - check it out here: I'd welcome any thoughts or support on next steps.

    There's also a Strava group for those who'd like to join, that's here:
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