injured calf

Hi,Id be greatful for some advice if anyone can help.
Whilst out running about 5 weeks ago I felt a sudden 'pop' in my right calf muscle and stopped immediately..The pain was too intense to continue.I hobbled home, iced and stretched, but over the next few days my leg looked swollen and felt painful and extremely stiff. 5 weeks later this has lessened somewhat..I can now walk without much pain but running is impossible..too painful and I feel a pull if I try. Ive been to see my Gp who has referred me to the skeletal/muscular dept @ out local hospital- but this will take some time.
Has anyone any idea about what it might be? or what I can be doing in the meantime? I can cycle without pain and am doing some gentle stretching..but Im desperately missing my running!


  • 5 weeks is a long time for a calf tear to heal. Your GPs' referred you already, did he/she sugest what it might be & or advise you on what excercise you can take?
    I've torn my calf muscles quite a few times & I'm usualy back running after 3 weeks rest, which makes me think it's either a very bad tear, something else, or you keep trying to run on it & it's not healing properly & therfore keeps tearing!
    If I were you I'd make a private appointment at a physio/sports therapist, see what they diagnose & what treatment they suggest (probably total rest & ultra sound) & take it from there.
    Best of luck,
  • Thanks pizza man, Ive now made myself an appointment with a physio.
    No, my G.P did not say what he thought it was and Ive laid off running for the full 6 weeks now so I guess it possibly isnt a tear and really needs sorting soon.
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