Hi everybody. Just joined the site as part of my new concerted training effort. Just a couple of questions reagrding some injuries I've had: I used to run at school a bit but only really bothered with distances upto 400m. Then a couple of years ago (I'm 22) I decided to enter a Uni half marathon. Although I'd done no specific running training (had never ran further than 2.5 miles in school cross country) I thought I was in reasonable shape from kickboxing training. I turned up on the day not really knowing what running 2 figure mile distances was like but despite a slow start it seemed OK and I finished in 1hr38ish minutes. After this I wanted to do some real training and see if I could improve my time. However the next two years I suffered so many injuries that I haven't entered a single race. I bought a pair of running shoes (mizuno wave riders) from a specialist who measured my foot fall pattern. I have almost no arches on my feet but have near perfect pronation anyway. Therefore a cusioning shoe seemed about right. However dispite steady training I ended up with shin splints, slight knee pain and also pain in my neck/lower back.
Basically to cut this far too longwinded notice short - does anyone think getting some kind of insert for my shoes to raise my arches would be a good idea, and if so where can I get some/are there specialist running versions available.
Any help would be appreciated as I've just about recovered from all my injuries (I also got concussed and sprained my ankle at kickboxing) and am about to start a new running program and if it doesn't work this time I think I'll give the whole lot up and take up flower arranging! (I've got nothing against flower arranging and/or flower arrangers it just seems a good example of something injury free)


  • If you think supportive inserts might help, there are over-the-counter ones you can buy in good sports shops - e.g. Sorbothane (spelling??) ones - for about £16. Otherwise, you can get tailor-made orthotics, but they are a lot more pricey.

    Oh, and if you can turn up and do a 1/2m in 1hr38 then I'm going green with envy. You've got talent, so stick at it.

  • Hi Gareth, I am also envious of your first try time for a half, you definately should NOT give up.

    Re your problem, I suspect that the analysis on your running style was wrong, to do this justice you should have your gait analysed on a treadmill using video. There are dozens of clinics around the country where you can get this done as well as some good running shops (Runners Need at Liverpool Street in London is one). But a proper assessment by a qualified podiatrist would be my recomendation. It won't be cheep, although the actual assessment shouldn't be more than about £50, but if you are prescribed orthosis (Custom inserts) these can cost anything from £60 - £400 depending on the clinic.

    I paid £180 for mine and also had some physio. If you choose this route, I would advise you to ask on this site for recomendations for sports injury clinics in your area.

    Good luck and don't give up

  • I tried Boots own, and they were ghastly, hurt my feet, cost a bomb, couldn't walk in them, forget about run in them (wasn't running at the time, just wanted my feet to stop hurting).

    Second try was a podiatrist, who provided nice comfy ones which I now run in, I think about 40 pounds, not sure, as the price was part of the bill including the assessment. My feet still hurt - not when I run, but at night. No idea whether this is because they are still not right, but..

    I have not had any knee trouble to speak of, and that is what I am really keen to prevent.

    I'd say go for good advice. Yes, it costs, but look what you are saving.

  • Oh bugger!
    I guess that shiny new cd player I was going to buy can go out the window. Still you can't put a price on your knees I s'pose!
    Thanks for the replies guys I'll do what (if I'm honest) I already knew I should do - go to the professionals.

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