September Group Ride



  • any idea how much climbing there will be on the 100km audax thingy?
  • depends on who you ask JD !
  • Won't be able to make the 23rd, need to up town for a show starting at 5pm. Unless I set a land speed record around the course, and home again, just run out of time image

    But, for those doing it, from their FAQ page ... 

    Is it right that mudguards and lights are compulsory?
    AUK's regulations used to require mudguards - but not any more. Some events may require mudguards, but that depends on the individual organiser. In the Calendar, the code M indicates that mudguards may be required. Otherwise, they are not required, though their use might be 'encouraged' by some organisers.
    Lights are required by British law if you ride between the times of dusk and dawn. In practice this could happen on any of AUK's events except a few summer 200s and some shorter events.

    Are tri-bars allowed?

  • Incase anyone had a sudden urge to join me on the torture route on 29th... I've had a change of plan.... I have to pick the mini ponce up from Woban Abbey that afternoon..... so if anyone fancies a ride somewhere near Woban that day I might well be up for it.

  • Do you mean Woburn? as in near me?  I still cant make it though as thats the date of the Birmingham - Stratford canal run
  • Am I going to be going it alone on the 23rd?  It goes out to Ivinghoe, so I'm guessing it'll have a few hills for me to walk up.

  • Ivinghoe Beacon Mmmm I love that hill, its best eaten with the appetiser straight from the village.
  • Yes I do mean Woburn - I can't believe Barley is correcting my spelling!

    Holly - don't worry abotu the hills, just choose a low gear and take it easy, I'm sure you can do it image

  • Holly, Ivinghoe isnt that bad really, its just a looooong drag.  Oh its not great into the wind though.
  • Sorry Holly, be there if I could image Has Oxy retired, or not wanting to peak too early before Norseman/Tring ?
  • He's concentrating on his running at the moment, so not biking much but I might have to change that.

  • Crack that whip girl !
  • Experienced Audax rider required.

    Are the routes way marked?  If not II've been sent a list of instructions here that would be challenging to me if I was walking, let alone on a bike.  No map.  I'll never make it past 10 miles.

  • could you map it out on sanoodi or gmap's and then print it out?
  • I tried that last night.  It was a bit tricky because a lot of the directions are 'follow signpost to x village', which doesn't really help when you're not on the ground!  It would be fine if you knew the area.  But I don't.

    You'll send out a search party if I don't return, won't you?

  • We'll send Kittekat
  • just drive the route its the best way, I do that for any rides I plan just to check anyway and you get to see where all the important things are like sweetshops
  • It's on Sunday, and I haven't the time between now and then!  I have time on Monday but that's a bit late.

    I entered cos it's organised and I kind of thought they'd send a map, but it's a massive set of directions with 'follow SP to Sarratt, 200yds, R at TJ, under bridge then right at canal' etc. 

    I understand the directions, just can't see how I can possibly read them while cycling!

  • get a clipboard and tape it to your handlebars. or get oxy to drive in front with the satnav on
  • lol, he even gets lost with the Satnav
  • There will be groups of people so just tag yourself on to one of the ones that looks like they might be going at your pace, (the ones with tight, brightly coloured  lycra with names all over it are normally a good choice for someone of your talents)

    Mind the people with wooly hats and enough bags draped round the bike to keep them going for a few days, they will probably be out there that long.

  • Holly .....  I write all the directions in a long list of place names and tape it to my Tri bars (well I dont use them for anything else!)
  • don't be so wet, i told you i was coming, which i am, and i have a directions holding thingy.

    also a radar for finding old men who know what they're doing. in respect of audax rides.

  • also why don't you invite hoosenhoose to go with you holly? you could make friends.
  • speak of the devil!!
  • i went on an audax ride once and packed it in after 15 miles because it was too hard. sod that.
  • yeah, but that's because you are a big wimp.
  • no, really. he wilted daintily halfway up a hill and then buggered off with the car keys.

  • penile dementia probably, poor old coot

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