September Group Ride



  • bloody maps on organised rides.  reminds me of that cannock cyclosportive at the startline when they said "it's really important you have a map of the route".  although they didn't actually bother to supply us with on - only a few mystic ramblings which passed for directions.  we'd have been lost for hours if that old bike ponce hadn't come along and got us back on the course.
  • Sorry Ergs.  I might fashion something myself for the directions for when you speed off and leave me with the old men in woolly hats the fat old git was referring to.  I can't decide whether to put it on my tri bars or on a nice gold chain round my neck along with my glasses.

    And excuse me Capn Candy, but I can forsee a fruitful relationship blossoming with hoosenhoose. 

  • Plum will be along shortly offering a 'fruitful' relationship ....
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