Shall I stay or shall I go now

Having a bad running day.

1. Made mistake of take road training route (10k). Awful time and had THREE lots of abuse. One the usual toot, two the white van man who said "stop running like a jessie" and three the baseball hatted XR2 moron who shouted "sparrow legs"

2. My last run along the Thames resulted in angry words with dog owners after said canine tried the famous Dances With Wolves trip up, not once but twice in the same evening.

3. I spend far too long on the site during work hours and hate myself for it. Self control has gone out the window.

4. I actually managed to upset someone on a thread re football and am not very
happy with myself

5. Missed Caths thread until yesterday and feel sh1t about that as well.

6. I don't really feel I'm adding anything.

Sorry, a bit self indulgent


  • Hey BK, you are obviously just having one of those days, the way I look at these days is, "tomorrow can only be better" :)
  • Hey BK,

    Only 3 lots of heckling on a 10k, I'd be pleased if that's all I got! Don't worry too much about the football thing. I'm sure you didn't mean any harm and it's sometimes hard to convey what you mean if you're attempting sarcasm or humour. You add plenty to the forums - I'd never have got a cute kitten piccy without you or added myself to races on the UFRWC (have I missed a letter?) site.

    Thanks for asking if I'm OK - Mike and I are a bit anxious at the moment (won't bore you with the details but I made a note of it on the Fat Club thread on Monday if you want the gist of it) as we're awaiting some test results. I'm not going to let it stop me running on Sunday though, no matter what!

    Sounds as if you just need a bit of TLC so go and see your lovely wife and gorgeous son and stop feeling sorry for yourself ;-)

    See you on Sunday.

  • Take your coat off, BK. We love you. I'll even forgive you for taking a sideswipe at Kilmarnock in your football thread :-) I don't think anyone was really that upset, but it's not always easy to judge how the things you write (especially in haste and on time you don't regard as your own) will be interpreted. I've certainly reviewed some of my posts and thought "Aaargh! It wasn't meant to sound like that at all!"

    And many of us owe our online mugshots to your willingness to sacrifice work time on our behalf.

    Tooter, WVM and Baseball Cap are just envious. Some dog owners can be unreasonable and all dogs chase runners. It's impossible for anyone to keep up with all of the threads on all of the forums all of the time and still have a life, and you can catch up with Cath when she comes back aboard - her need for support is only just beginning.

    And you ran 10K today. Well done.

    So stop wallowing and have a good run on Sunday.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Don't run away, we (blue) kneed you!

    Sorry (for poor puns). You've said a lot which has kept me going, and Cath will be back. This fragile community makes a heap of difference to me, I suspect to a lot of us. Keep us posted.

    Write it off as a bad run day, come back and tell us about tomorrow - may it behave itself.

  • BK - you can't go, we'd miss you.
  • Many thanks for your kind words they do help. I'm on a low generally at the moment and can't seem to snap out of it.

    I shouldn't really be writing self indulgent threads like this so I don't want anyone else to feel abliged to write on it.

    I may not be as visible on here during working hours for a while but if people need Pictures doing then mail me.

    You're all great, keep up the good work
  • Come on mate, you can't leave now. Jon and I would have no-one to wind up.
    Seriously, you do add lots to our serious and not so serious discussions. Bad days come, and when they do they seem to outweigh the good, but with a little time you'll realise you are an OK Guy.

  • Snap out of it you!
    Everyone has a funny few days every now and again. For blokes, I reckon it's our 'time of the month'

    When I say that I'm not making a silly sexist comment, rather I believe that men have a time of the month when everything goes to pot!

    PS. Consider yourself lucky you did a 10k, I only managed 3!
  • BK - it's refreshing to hear that I'm not the only one who has days like you had yesterday I know exactly how you feel but at least you can admit it! Far too many of us don't like/know how to release a bit of stress every now and again!

    Well done!
  • Dearest BlueKnees/gnenerally blue all over right now person

    No you are not to go. This board would be so much poorer without you. And its
    not just for your mastering of the dark arts of Photoshop that we love you. You are
    one of the core posse. (But life on the fringes is OK too, if you decide to take that
    I know how gutwrenchingly awful any email conflict is - but football! - don't worry
    about it. I thought arguing about football was the whole point of football really??
    It's meant to be contentious and is a game of two halves remember!
    And hecklers - they are just sad, uncouth and scum. Nuff said. I think yesterday
    nothing would have gone right for you, its just one of those days that its best to
    forget. Think about a great run. And the funniest/sweetest thing that miniBK said
    recently. Don't let the bastards grind you down!!

    I too missed Cath's thread (in fact, I don't even know who Cath is) therefore I must be bad
    too, but refuse to feel responsible. That would be daft wouldn't it.
    Life is too short and there is too much else to do. Dont't worry about being blue,
    Knees. Its the chill of Autumn in the air and the darker evenings coming. But
    there's loads of good stuff always just around the corner. You'll feel better soon.

    I'm not often here really these days. You don't need to spend too much time here
    to still contribute and make your mark. We will always be pleased to hear from you.

    And you will need this board when you start training for FLM 2003...
    you really will!! :)


  • I have to admit I WAS devasted when you said that Arsenal were lucky to get a point at Chelsea. It quite ruined my week, and I've been tossing and turning in my sleep ever since.

    However, after making a doll up with a little bit of facial hair, and bluing in the knees, and then sticking knitting needles into it, I got over it somewhat, and am now off the valium.

    Just think carefully next time...
  • Managed to stay off here all morning and feeling slightly chuffed.

    Thanks again to all, especially LDB. I'm going to print that and keep it as a reminder next time I feel like it

    Sorry Snoop wasn't talking about our Arsenal/Chelsea thing. I know you will know to take a comment from me with a pinch of salt. See you Sunday Gooner
  • Ahh BK I'm glad I came out of my set for that one. Very touched. You are welcome.

  • BK,

    Well done on staying off all morning. I've been trying too, for the last couple of days (late lunch today).

    I don't remember giving up the fags being as hard as this.................

    Give it a couple of days and you'll be back on form again.
  • SO... BK has a beard?
  • BK - Without a doubt my favourite Blue Kneed runner. Please stay.
    I know how you feel - we all have days like that...the answer? Just take a deep breath and smile - releases some kind of hormone when you do, that in turn makes you happy! (not sure if it's an urban myth, but works for me)
  • I can always trust Jon to go off on a tangent. Some might call it a beard. Theres a few running 1:40+ at Windsor now so you've got some company

    Nessie, I think I've got to the point where staying off here would be as difficult as giving up alchohol..... Well nearly anyway.

    You're right Nattynoodle, today feels like a better day.

    V-Rap. I'm going to start supporting Kilmarnock in the Scottish league.

    New Runner, after your remark there are going to be a lot more people running with Blues Knees (Foxy Lady fan club). Smiling doesn't come naturally so I wouldn't know about the hormones.

    Susie, best wishes from the BK household.

    Thanks to all that responded to the thread.

    I will try not be so public with my outbursts of self pity in future. At times we all feel useless but theres no reason to bore everyone else with it

    Oops, managed a smile.
  • BK
    I have always found sparrow legs extremely attractive - and as for running like a jesse, I may have to go and lie down for a while.

    Come on BK cheer up, we all love you - you've been so helpful about the photos that I think most people are in your debt.

    Keep smiling, keep posting, keep running
  • If you stay there will be trouble
    But if you go there will be double...

    (actually I think it went the other way around but this seemed to fit better)

    Leave the forum? What can you be thinking of?
  • this indecision's bugging me
    don't know which clothes even fit me

    ... or something like that...

    if you left, how would everyone get their groovy pictures?!
  • Many thanks Ladies.

    Yes I had the Clash in mind when I titled that thread. Classic song.

    Managed to stay off during work time yesterday and missed one of the best threads ever about ironing.

    I don't think I could leave, there are too many nice people but it worries me that I've become a forum junkie.
  • Bk... I think we all are! When I explain that I'm meeting loads of people off the internet at a race they look at me as if I' really rather sad! Ah well!
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