Bath Half Marathon 2008

I cannot believe that Bath next year is costing £30.

I know it is a cracking race in a most beautiful city,but really can this cost now be justified given that the numbers taking part is increasing year on year?

As a comparison, Hereford Half £12, Glasgow Half £25,Cardiff £25,London Marathon £28.

I really am sorry Bath,but after being there for 12 out of the past 14 Halfs I have to say "No more".

I wish you all the best but I feel now you may only be attracting first timers,who once they realise the cost may actually not return and that you are making it difficult for the many club runners who week in week out support many races all over the country.



  • Don't think I'd ever pay that much for a half marathon!

  • One more chance of a place for me me me!

  • Blimey £30 is a bit steep. But then if you live in the area finding other halfs further away will probably cost you the difference in transport. So I'd enter if I lived in or around Bath but wouldn't travel from further afield.

    I think the Fleet half is 16 Mar too so I'll be doing that myself.

  • Fleet is further for me to travel from South Wales but still can work out cheaper,certainly when accomodation is needed.

    I still feel Bath is one of the best races in the country (and long may it continue) but for now it'll have to do without me.

  • It'll be Fleet for me then..........

    V to expense races from me image

  • If you look back at last year's forum thread, one of the race directors kindly explained why the Bath half was expensive compared to other races.   I'm up for it again in 2008, although one of the attractions for me is that it was my first 1984, and I'm still going.
  • He certainly did.
    Still doesn't make it right though.
  • What about Hogweed Hilly Half - 15 miles from Bath and I believe £12 entry - not sure if week before or week after Bath
  • March 30th 2008 is HHH IV
  • Have paid less for full marathons! Very tempted to do it though as have not tackled it before.
  • Just finished the Bath Half- this is a really well organised race-very speedy through bag drop and again medal/goodies at the end-all the RAF/Army cadets were great- will be ack afin next year.


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