CVan new trainers cause shin splints?

I used to run regularly to reasonable club standard but for various reasons haven't run for a few years and have only recently started again. I started gradually as you are always told to and built it up bit by bit. I then bought some new trainers (since the 2020 I always run in the Asics 2000 series) and soon after got shin splints which was really frsutrating because it stopped me running for a few weeks and lost any fitness I had gained. I switched back to my old pair of shoes and was fine, tried the new trainers again and on my last run started to get pains again in my shins.

I have two questions:

 1) Can new trainers give you shin-splints or is this just likely to be a coincidence?

2) What, if anything can be done to prevent shin splints?


  • I am recovering from shin splints. Decided to run in my new 2120s the other day. Result: leg hurt quite a bit throughout the entire run. I think the shoes needed more wearing in, they definitely felt more stiff than the ones I usually wear. I ran again yesterday in the old shoes with only mild pain.
  • are you wearing them in gradually Kevin?  I normally spend a couple of weeks gradually building up the mileage from nothing when I get new shoes, even if they are an upgrade on the old model like the 20XX series
  • Well, I thought I was wearing them in gradually. Walked in them first for a few weeks and a then few short runs so don't think it's that, but thanks for the message.
  • Yes, I think they can. I got them really bad to the point of not being able to walk, approximately 5 weeks after purchasing a new pair. I bought Asics kinsei's which I was gutted at having to get rid of them but they were wrong for me.

     To prevent shin splints you need to do lots of calf strengthening exercises. See link attached:

  • I wanted to ask some questions of my own as I am having a new kind of pain in my legs, just a week after switching to some new Asics GT-2120's.  I have been running for a year and am 4 weeks away from my first marathon in Cologne.  I used to run with Asics Gel-Landreth II's.  Last week I went to my local (and very excellent running shop) and after more gait analysis, they switched me to the 2120's which have a bit more support on the outside of the shoe (stop my feet rolling outwards - I have very high arches and tend towards supination).

    My first run was 30km and I swapped between old and new shoes every 5km lap.  I have since done 2 x 11K and last night and 8K run, none of them particularly fast for me (5minute K's).

     What had been a little niggley feeling in my feet became really pronounced last night.  I have tightness in the tendons that run over the ankle from the two little toes on each foot, then causing pain in the dorseflexors at the front of my lower leg.  I'm due to do a 19K run tomorrow but am worried I might be running into an injury like shin splints (which I really want to avoid after my hard prep to date!).  Also, can't get advice from my running shop man as he is now on holiday for two weeks and then I am out of the country for 10 days.

    What to do?  Wrong shoes?  Probably not.  Breaking them in too quickly?  Maybe, but I don't have the experience to know what to do.  I'd really appreciate any good advice some of you could offer. 

  • Just wanted to bump this back up as i would be keen to get any input from smarter/ wiser people here.  I avoided doing my 19K yesterday as a precaution (but managed a good stint at a Scottish Celidh instead!).  I've also started doing lots more lower leg exercises. 

    But I'd still like to know, is it possible that I am breaking in the running shoes too quickly (I find it hard to doubt the advice of the person who recommended them to me).  Thanks.

  • Dizzie Lizzie,

     Thanks for the link to the article on shin splints!

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