I got a place!

Woo hoo! Running for Unicef, and I will be running next year, as i couldn't train last year,

 My site is the same as it was last year, www.justgiving.com/nykiesrun but I've yet to update it.

 I've been going 'Woo hoo!' at the rugby all night, really annoyed my boyfriend, who resorted to doing his hand like a duck (fingertips to thumb, in case I'm not making sense!) and saying 'Noise!'. Hehe...

 I'm sooooo excited!!!! image


  • Well done Nykie!

    Good luck with the training and fund-raising

  • Hi Nykie,

    Well done! I am wondering how you went about getting a place? I am really keen to run & fundraise of course!

  • I just got application forms from various charities' sites and sent them off, and this was the first offer I got. I ran (ish) last year, applied for 3 then and got offered two, but only after the ballot result.
  • Hi Nykie,

    Thank you!

    Happy running

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