Injinji running socks

Does anybody know of anywhere I can get injinji socks in the UK?


  • No still impossible to get in the UK, despite them being widespread in North America and Australia for at least the last 3 years. I just ask anyone I know who's coming over from N America to bring me some.
  • Lakes Runner in Ambleside sell them ( ).  I picked up a pair a few weeks ago, but can't get on with them; my toes are too long and they feel like they're cutting the blood supply off.  They'll be great if they happen to fit you well, but mine are no good sadly image

    (P.S. you do realise the original post is a year and a half old...?)

  • Not Injinji, but you can get toe socks at
  • Ha ha, funny how this was asked in 2007!

    Anyway... what's so special about these socks? I've not got a piar of running socks yet and am going to buy some on the weekend. I'm on the Northern Runner website now as that is where I'll most likely be going to buy them. Read one pair saying designed for overpronators?!?! Now that's got to be a marketing load of bollocks aint it? A socks a sock whether you overpronate or not!
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