Grim 8 2007

Okay, thought this looked like a complete scream so have entered online on a whim (website

I do much of my running off road and through wooded areas and enjoy it immensely....but will this be enough to prepare me for this race?  I've never done anything like it before but am truly looking forward to getting wet and muddy!

Any advice regarding training, preparation, gear, what the course is like etc... would be very much appreciated.


  • you'll get wet and sandy rather than wet and muddy. It's fun. It's only grim if you've not got the miles in your legs. But it is fun, and it's friendly. Oh and the t-shirts are always cool.

    enjoy it - your non-running mates won't know that it's not as scary as the name suggests. image

  • Thanks JJ! I was beginning to worry that nobody dare let me know what I'd let myself in for!

    I really looking forward to it!

  • If you can keep going for 1.5 to 2 hours and don't mind hills or getting wet, it's fab.


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