Help, will I manage it?

I did my last big run before taper this morning due to working all weekend. It was supposed to be a 20 miler but turned into 17/18 with loads of walking breaks and now I'm feeling really demoralised. There are plenty of reasons why I had a bad one - working all weekend, up the last four nights nursing little one with bronchitis, hot sunny day, etc. I was hoping to join the sub 5 group but now I'm not so sure. My long runs have been as follows:

12, 15, 18, 15(+5 mile walk), 15
and todays 17/18 fiasco in 3 hours 20 mins.

Planning to do 12 on 29/3 and 8 on 5/4

What do you think about this? Can I still make sub5 if I avoid injury/illness and concentrate on some quality speed and gym sessions?

I'm sorry for waffling but the panic is really setting in big time. Is it just me?

Eagerly awaiting your thoughts and advice.

Rach (world's worst runner!!!!!!)


  • Not sure I can give you advice on your plans but I will say that you are NOT the worlds worst runner!
  • Thanks Tulips, I'm glad your ankles better now. How are you feeling about the 13th? I was expecting to panic a little, just not quite this early!
  • Jane Tomlinson and her brother are cycling from John o'Groats to Lands End even as we 'speak'. Jane with her incurable cancer said, in yesterdays Sunday Times article about her ride to raise money for her chosen charities, " Even if you're not sure you can finish,you'll never find out if you don't start. I have to do it now if I'm to find out"

    Rach I'm sure you'll get round, and you'll do a fine time, give yourself a rest and you'll be OK.
  • Rach, I don't know if you seen the other threads about this but you are not alone. Read my tale of woe on my thread and you will see why. Everyone seems to have had a bad day. My friend at work who is much fitter and better than me virtually crawled home. From all the advice I have read it seems everyone is suggesting that we all taper off, rest and justb make sure we are on the start line on the 13th in good shape. I very much doubt I will do anything longer thaqn 10 miles after what I have read and I am not going to do too much during the week. I hope you recover, just aim to stay injury free and I am sure you will do well.
  • Thanks KK, that's a humbling thought. If we can dredge up a fraction of Jane's perserverance and strength of character we'll all be okay.

  • Thanks Beast, all the best to you too. I'm feeling better already with the positive messages posted here.

  • Rach - DON'T PANIC

    You've put in the miles and the training and like Beast said, we all have bad days. Your run was effectively the end of weeks of increasingly hard training and you now have three weeks of 'recovery' training.

    You CAN do it and as long as you set off slowly and conserve your energy for the second half of the race you WILL make it in under 5 hours.

    Keep calm and enjoy the day.
  • *Slap* *Slap* *Slap* *Slap* !!!!!

    Rach, snap out of it woman. You'll be fine. If you managed 18 miles in 3.20 on a BAD run, God willing you'll get round in under 5 hours no problem.

    My hand hurts now from all that slappin'.
  • I agree with Scouse above. If you class 3.20 a bad run, there will be thousands upon thousands behind you.

    Chill Out and Enjoy the Day....

  • You'll be fine, and even if you do have to walk a bit you won't be alone. John (the Penguin) Bingham's get-you-round pace group will be doing 5 mins run/1 min walk all the way round.
    But I'm betting you won't have to walk at all!
    Everyone's getting tired now, hubby and I both really struggled with our long run on Sunday, but are feeling fine now. Adrenaline will get you round on 13 April.
  • Thanks for all your encouragement - I guess I needed a good slapping!

    I feel much better about things today. I was just really disappointed about not having done at least one good 20 mile run as this is my first marathon and therefore unknown territory for me. Bearing in mind all your comments, I'll try and relax from now on and just enjoy the day. If I'm not happy with my time on the 13th, well there's always next year!

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