Grand Union Canal Half Marathon



  • Thinking of entering, but concerned about my slow time and being the last to cross the finish line.  I appreciate someone has to be last, but my fragile ego won't stand it!!

     Anyone else running about 2.20?


  • I doubt very much 2:20 will be last DM2.  I just looked at last years results for the Bedford Half Marathon as an example and a bunch of people came in at around 2:20.  The last person to finish was at 3:01:52 so nothing to worry about especially as Bedford is underlating and I imagine the Cancal path is flat as a flat thing.

    My first half was Tunbridge Wells about 6 years ago.  I did it in 3:35 and got beaten by an 80 year old speed walker but I still wasn't last.

  • Is the organiser around? imageimageimage 

    I'm considering this one, but my times have been around 3.15 so far (though on courses with some hills).  Is there going to be a cut off?  With it being a small field I don't know if they'll be able to cater for slow folks like me.

  • Hi there,

    We have no problem at all with you entering the race - you are very welcome image.

    See you there .......

  • Claire, I'd really like to do this as it sounds like a lovely race, just wondered if the race entry info pack would contain a map of both where the start and finish are? If someone came to meet me at the end would it be easy to find if they went to the park from watford underground station?

  • Hi Rosa,

    Glad to hear you're thinking of joining us.  We certainly will be sending out maps of the start and finish in the packs.  The Watford Metropolitan underground is right next to Cassiobury Park and if your friend went into the park, I am sure it would be quite apparent where the finish is (lots of tape around!).  We are aiming to finish quite close to the cafe there so that you folks can easily get tea/coffee/great big slices of cake, etc!!  (and me too ..... well I will have worked fairly hard too ......)


  • Excellent, thanks Claireimage
  • Thanks!  It does sound good... but I've just done one half, so I'm going to leave it a bit and see how recovery goes before making a decision.  Hopefully I'll be there though!
  • Out of interest, how many entries so far?  image
  • I've just entered. I do we get more than 10 on this race - that's how many runners I see when I'm on a long training run.

  • Hi there

    We have 250 entries to date, so we do expect to be full before race day.  Hope the weather is like it was this weekend - glorious!


  • Claire,

    Sounds as if I applied just in time. Are there any dodgy bits to look out for? e.g. very narrow sections or bits to clamber up and down by the locks? If you've got it all down in the race packs then I'll be happy to wait until I receive it.

    I really look forward to it - I opted for this instead of Marlow. The thought of running a "flat" half-marathon is quite appealing to me having done the Wycombe and Berko this year.

  • Flat!  is the key word that attracted me too I confess!
  • Hi Sleepylion

    You'll be pleased to hear that flat it most definitely is! 

    Yes, there are some (very nice!) locks to run through and some parts are narrow, but all in all it really is a lovely run with a great finish in Cassiobury park.  The race pack will give you more details and obviously there will be signage and marshals helping you on your way. 

    I hope you enjoy it - let us know how you found it afterwards ....


  • Hi Claire

    what is your maximum capacity?  I'm not sure yet whether i can make that date so was wondering how long I have to make up my mind!


  • Hi Ruth - Maximum capacity is 300 ....


  • I'll be travelling from Oxford,parking at finish,cycling my road bike to start then hopefully remembering where bike is after i've finished to collect it...anyone up for a bike warm-up with me?

     Ah go on...i need help with the map!

  • Oh no!  300!  That means I'm going to be last!
  • Thats a pre-race peloton of...1 then!  image

  • Rug, with a few widths of the canal as well, you could do a triathlon, bet you come first!image
  • Hmm my first tri...great idea if a little unhygienic image

  • Anyone driving from London area? Prefer to not rely on public transportation.



  • when will race packs be issued please ??
  • Ok i just booked this one  image  Did the half in march so should be ok,

    Don't let hills put you off a race ..  i used to but i have now conquered that fear,the trick is to just go out and have fun and enjoy..

    This will be a nice race whatever the canal surprise's us with, and crossing that line is far more important than putting yourself under too much pressure  ..

    See you there folks  image


  • Penultimate call for the duathletes out there...image
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    "the trick is to just go out and have fun and enjoy"

    Indeed. Whether you do it in 1hr 15 or 2hrs 30, it's still a pretty good investment in your health.

    Which is my excuse when I say I'm too old and creaky to go chasing pb's anymore image

  • Absolutely right on the nose there   image
  • Underground alert!

    I'm only an out-of-towner, but it looks to me from the Transport for London website that the Metropolitan underground Harrow-on-the-Hill to Watford is replaced by a bus service.  Still OK, I think, to get to the start by going to Uxbridge, but any underground travel to or from Watford will in fact be by bus.

    It will be good to get past the hassle of getting there and start running a nice flat 1/2 marathon!


  • If it's a bus, I'm out.  I've got an early enough start without TfL incompetence to deal with.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I don't know if this helps, but there's a regular mainline train service from Watford to London, with (if I recall correctly) some of the trains stopping at Queens Park on their way. This is how I'll be getting back to Reading - fast train to whichever London terminal and tube to Paddington.

    Maybe check out the timetables?

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