Grand Union Canal Half Marathon



  • If you go directly to the start by public transport is there any way that your bag can be taken to the finish for you? Just realised how tricky it will be if this isn't possible as I don't drive and, although I could go to the finish first and get the race transport to the start, due to the replacement bus service it would make it difficult to get there on time.
  • Opps just re-read the thread and seems like it's already been answered, excellentimage
  • Hi everyone,

    Just to let you know that we are hoping to get the race packs out tomorrow (Tuesday).  If there is anything you need to know beforehand, please feel free to contact me directly (not allowed to put my email on the forum, but you know where it is ...).

    Hope you're all looking forward to it and training(!) is going well.  I have ordered some great weather for that day image .


  • Indeed you are all powerfull Claire if you have that sway with the 'man upstairs' image
  • Okay, so the train to West Drayton actually seems to be running that day!  After a 5 hour return journey from the Great South Run on Sunday, I hope they don't suddenly find more engineering works to do! image
  • oof I'm confused!

    I am entered..just... if I come by public transport what do I do? 

    Train to Uxbridge, walk to start at Cowley, run race, finish at watford, train home.

    Ok, so I have paid for a coach back to start, I am not sure why! where does my bag go?

     I am excited though! If anyone is concerned I'll be coming in at about 2.10-2.20 so I'll be at the back with the rest oif you who were worried about being there! 

  • I am now planning to train to West Drayton, walk to start, dispatch bag to finish which seems to be planned for, run race and then worry about how to get home!  I thought the coach was to take you from the Finish to the Start before the race though if you wanted to park at the Finish.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    My plan is to take the train to West Drayton, walk to the start, drop off my bag which will be taken to the finish, collect bag when I lumber over the line, walk to Watford station and take a train to London and on to Reading.

    My understanding is that the bus to the start is for those who are coming to the event from the Watford direction.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Great minds clearly think alike Rachael image
  • Mutley, where is Watford station in relation to the Finish?  I can only see the Tube station on my map.
  • ah ha....Thanks guys!

    I'll do exactly the same! I booked coach as possibly just possibly I might be with a driving friend so thought it would make life easier!

    Train to west Drayton is just an alternative to tube to Uxbridge though right?

    I'll see you there so guys! image

  • I think the Tubes are all messed up for engineering works that day.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    It's about a mile and a half from the finish, if memory serves. I looked up Cassiobury park in Multimap, which gives the distance to the nearest rail station. Can't remember offhand whether there are one or two mainline stations (or one or two tubes), but I do remember that it's walkable or a short taxi ride. That was good enough for me to do the event, I can fine tune the details nearer the date.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Yes, forget the tube that day - check the TfL website for info on the engineering works.
  • Hi there,

    Good to see you all getting your arrangements nicely sorted out!  Thought I'd just clarify the bus/baggage situation.

    The bus is primarily for those wanting to park at the finish, take the bus to the start, then their car will be waiting for them at the finish.  Of course, anyone else who just wants transport from watford to Cowley is also welcome to book a seat.  If you are travelling in from London or wherever by public transport, it may be easier to go straight into Cowley for the start, then go home from Watford afterwards.

    There will be a baggage van at both Cowley and Cassiobury.  Any bags left at Cowley will be taken to the finish at Cassiobury after the race has started.

    Hope that all makes sense ....... please shout if not!


  • Barring miracles it looks like I'll be giving it a miss.  Skint and too soon after my last half: I don't think I'll have improved much, so better to wait for another.  Hopefully more money around next year: I like the sound of this so I'll note it for then!
  • Claire,

    if it wasn't for the few narrow spots on the towpath, you could consider converting this to a marathon next time around, that'll solve the transport logistics associated with a point-to-point race! image

  • Race pack has arrived. Ten days to go...

  • I've got my race pack.

    I begin to fret if I don't have a race number clipped to the fridge door...

  • Hello - glad you've received your packs .... not long to go now! Just need to fine-tune your training and you're off!  image

    Sleepylion - that is a great idea, I'd love to put on a marathon.   And as you say, the logistics would be much simpler .... shame the path isn't just a couple of feet wider!

    I'll make sure I carry on watching the forum  in case there are any last minute questions.  Otherwise, I am available on email or by phone.

    See you there!


  • Claire,

    Could you give us an idea whereabouts the water stations are on the course please?  The pack just says "along the course" and that's not very helpful if you need to know if you miss a drink at 3 miles, you'll get another chance at 6 or not till 10!



  • hiya - are we stopping at 11am for a mins silence....?
  • I've got a medal to wear this year!  Bet that does some damage!
  • Hi Everyone!

    Anyone got any spare entries for this race? My girlfriend and a couple of her friends want to do it... Want to get a hold of 3 entries if possible...


  • Claire,

    Could you give us an idea whereabouts the water stations are on the course please?  The pack just says "along the course" and that's not very helpful if you need to know if you miss a drink at 3 miles, you'll get another chance at 6 or not till 10!



  • I don't know how that got posted twice!
  • Hi there,

    Water stations will be: at the start, 3miles, 6miles 9miles and finish. 

    We will be having a one minute silence ......just before the start tho!


  • I would be grateful if any one has a spare entry ?
  • Thanks Claire!
  • Claire Mac-i've had a slight change of plan and now need to book a place on the bus to get from the finish to the start-how is the best way to arrange this please (and is it still £5?)...many thanks-looking foward to a lovely canal-side canter!


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