Run/Walk Training Thread

I know this is early but there are probably some 5xs rejects, deferred places or golden bonders around.

I am a 5x reject and starting out running again after a long lay off with a squished disc, hence the run/walk.

I will be following the John Bingham Run/walk schedule from marathon running for mortals but as that is a 20 week programme I am using the next 7 weeks to ease myself in to regular training again. 

I hope there are some other run walkers out there to keep me company and for mutual support and help.

Any way, I started out today with 5 lots of 2/1 with 5 min warm and cool.



  • Hi JJ! Remember me from the sub 5 thread? I may have been using the name Debbs then. I was only wondering the other day where you were these days.............

    Sorry to hear about your disc trouble. How you doing now?

  • Doing fine thanks Debbs, and I do remember you image

    I had a bit of a relapse in July, lifting somethingb too heavy again but no twinges since then so I'm easing my self back into training.

    This morning was another milestone. If I am going to finish my marathon training I'm going to have to be an early morning runner. Soooo this morning I was up at 6 and out the door. image

  • Well done! I do lots of running early in the morning too especially in the summer when I just can't run in the heat.

    You should pop into the sub 5 thread and say hello - there are still people on there that were there a couple of years ago! Bet they would love to hear from you..............image

  • Hi Josie.

    Looks like we both have the same sort of goals. I have the next 14 weeks to lose a bit of weight and just get the old legs moving again.

    I had keyhole surgery on both knees late 2004 and have been very inactive since. Plus i am having real blister problems on my soles and that has been my problem.

    Time for excuses is over.

    I was on the 4 30 plan last time, and was well on plan until the knees said no way dude. Did the 2004 race in 5 hours 6 seconds in the end, and boy did it rain.

    This week I am run / jog ( what is running ) 1 minute walk 4, repeat 4 times. There is no way I can run for 5 mins in one go, that is going to takes months. In fact I did the last race on the 10 jog 1 walk which got less run and more walk until at the end it was walk 10 jog 30 seconds. Was I in pain last time 30 mins for last 2 miles. I was so sure I would break 5 hours. 

  • Why do we put our selves through it !!!! image

    Bit tired today as I did my 5 x 2/1 Run Walk then cycled the 6 miles to work.

    Going to try 3 miles tomorrow as I have been managing around 2 miles in the week

    Slow and steady image


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