Cornish Marathon

Can anyone confirm if this race is definately on this year and if so where entry forms are available from.


  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Ah, good, a thread.  Hi Steve.  I've emailed the organiser twice so far and all they keep sending is a spreadsheet with names on it.  So, no, I'm still in the dark as well.  No link to the marathon on the organiser's website or even reference to it.

  • Cornish is on 18th November.   entry forms are always a little late in appearing but will be on as soon as available.

    I'm nothing to do with the organisation it's just my favourite marathon.

  • Thanks Shades - will keep looking
  • Ah i feel we have a bit of a Welsh theme going on here - shades you out numbered 3 to 1 lol - i ran this last year and it really is a great race - a good challenging course - actually ran my pb on this course last year
  • Whereabouts in cornwall is this one ?

    (hopefully we'll have a ferry service from penarth to cornwall by then)     image

  • FA - its in a small village called Pensilva and i think it took me about 30 minutes from Plymouth.  Due to family issues drove down on the day last year and it took around 2hrs 30 from Cardiff area.  

    TG - what time did you run last year - i felt like s* most of the way round and did 3:59 with an attempted sprint back down last hill into village to get under 4 hour mark.

  • Steve

    I ran 3:49 which as i said is a pb for me - i really enjoyed the course but missed out on seeing the pub that people talk about on the moors - cant even remember the name of it but think its quite famous. this year if i run i will make sure that i pay more attention to the surroundings and scenery

    I definatly prefer this type of course which is more challenging to flatter courses like cardiff - Mind you saying that we in cardiff have such a crap council who cant even be bothered to organise a marathon this year - dont get me started on that though as i will rant for ages

  • poooooooooo

    I think I am on call

  • You could run with your bleep Hipps!

    Not for me this one, not this year anyway! Enjoy folks! Big Hi to T Rex!
  • but I'm tempted - see how I feel after JW and Beachy - does it fill up quickly?
  • Another Taff who could be up for this one.  Ran it last year, fantastic day, amazing scenery, demanding course and most certainly my favourite ever marathon. Also ran Cardiff last year, so quite a contrast.   Doing Devon this year rather owing to the sad disapperance of Cardiff so will decide after I've run that, as also tempted by a December marathon in warmer climes. 

     bo-bo - Doesnt fill up quickly, entered on the day 3 minutes before the official cut-off last year!  15 minutes to get changed and warm-up, then off we went.

  • Hippo - can you swop your on call?

    bo-bo - as OuchOuch says no rush to enter, I usually get a phone call from the RO a week or so before the race asking where my entry form is.   However, I don't know what the race limit is and numbers are creeping up each year.  I will let you know when the forms are out.

    OO - RO hiked up the 'on the day' entry fee to try and get folks to pre enter, admin reasons plus to ensure there are enough pasties

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Umm ... Jamaica Inn with its fire that's not supposed to have gone out for 400 years.  Got quite a spooky history but is anything but now.

    This marathon seems to attract more "regulars" than any other I've done - a very friendly event.  I'll be driving up on the day but by the looks of it we could hire a minibus for the Welsh contingent.

    Oh dear.  PSC - who are you again?  DD veteran?

  • PH - welcome back if that is correct as i have not seen you posting recently

    TG - Totally totally agree with you about Cardiff Council - want to call themselves an go-ahead capital city and cannot even organise a marathon when most capital cities around Europe seem to do it without too much trouble 

  • TR,

    Good idea ie: mini-bus, or we could even all stop over at Shades' place - i'm sure she wouldn't mind  image

  • << surveys tiny flat>>

    I'll take you all to the Cider Bar in Newton Abbot but would suggest that you do that on the way home, you can get pi$$ed on about a fiver there.

  • oh heck not the cider bar again!


    Steve-ive not been posting as much cos Im stuck working in taff land

  • I'm not really here. Just looking out for details for a clubmate.


  • K2 - My Monday mornings feel a bit like that.

    With all of these references to Wales should we have a Wales vs England forum team challenge then...first 3/4 to count....or as its the Cornish Marathon a Cornwall vs Wales vs England challenge. Any takers?

    (Thinks to himself - I know if i make a list everyone will join, no forumite yet born can resist a list)

    Wales                   Cornwall                  England 


  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Hippo resists lists.

    How are you Hipps?  Broadband has reached the principality you know.

  • Dont tell me we have to beat the english at something else - its all getting a bit boring now lol
  • O my god....there's rumours of an Australian and a South African team....

    Still umming and arring about this one vs an overseas marathon, which is flatter/ faster but the hassle of getting there....Could be another late decision and entry on the cards.

    Interesting analysis done on the sub3 forum a few months ago speculating this marathon for a 3 hr marathon runner is an extra 5 minutes vs FLM. I would say that and maybe a little bit more with memories of the 'hill' in the last few miles flooding back.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    5-hour time limit?!  Is that new for this year?
  • Oh

    I am now not on call-and if that 5 hour thing is true-----------

  • T rex, yes, but the NHS limits our access to the net
  • I think there was a 5 hour time limit last year but I was outside that. Are entries open yet?
  • I think they put the 5 hour limit on the info to stop folks entering who will take 7 hours, but they always wait for everyone in this race.   I've done this race 9 times and only done sub 5 once, or was it twice....

    Haven't seen any entry forms yet, will be on Tamar Trotters site when available.

  • thanks for that Shades

    I awsnt included on he resuls last year tho, even tho the time keepers recorded my time

  • Entry form received in post this matter of time before on the Trotters site.
  • Hippo - did you email Hilary to get that sorted

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