Hair removal methods

If you like a smooth leg, which method do your prefer?

I prefer shaving - I dislike the in-between stage of waxing when the hairs aren't long enough to be waxed again.



  • I agree, i shave my legs and other areas first then veet for 3 mins. Leaves it so smooth image And its painless.
  • Shaving..never tried waxing,
  • Waxing just takes so long.....

    Usually shave, use Veet before holidays and special occasions.
  • Shaving and veet, cool. How long does it last Kathy?
  • The shaving gets the hairs really short and the veet just rids any stubble at all. It works really well in other areas too image and ensures no shaving rash.

    I do it weekly on a sunday morning as i swim alot and dread having a few strays but i'm sure it lasts longer than that image

  • waxing everytime.  image

    Actually I have been doing it so long now, even when I need it doing you can't tell, I only seem to have the odd hair here and there now on my legs.  You can even just pull them out with your fingers, they have just given up the will to stay in my legs.  Plus when you wax you get lovely exfoliated skin

  • Nothing worse than spider's legs on show! image

  • LOL @ spiders legs

    I am off to Boots for veet for my hols next week.

  • Hubby and i play 'spot the trouser tash' whilst on holiday. i can't believe the amount of women who don't bother.
  • I have my legs waxed at "Pink pamper"..........

    Dead f*cking hard me! But man hairy at the mo. Just the way nam likes.........GGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR image

  • MACbMACb ✭✭✭
    what's a trouser tash? I pressume it excess hair in the naughty bits region?
  • Lol TT!

    Recently at the gym changing rooms I saw a friend, she'd been for a swim and was chatting to me. I'm in my cozzie about to go in, she was getting changed. I'm not joking, and at the risk of this thread being cazzed, she needed to do some serious downstairs topiary image  It was like an extra head of hair!  I kept thinking "Don't look down, maintain eye contact". That image has stayed with me, I can tell you!

  • you shouldn't be looking.

    That includes you Kathy.

    Bunch of pervs!

  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭
    How do you stop the hair from being sharp when it comes back?
  • The hedgehog???????

    Siance, you think im joking? Last year I got called a "shaven leg ponce" in a middle of a tri!

  • I wouldn't normally but it was the size of a small terrier, Farnie!
  • TT, well I'd just say "Injuries heal quicker on me, ducky"
  • Small terrier? Could be a rugby club joke that!!!!!!!

    Heal? Better for massage, easier to clean road rash out of and I have the legs to carry it off............image

  • Wen i was in to my cycling big time used to shave try'd waxing was annoying when it got to the part of waiting for them to get long enough.

    Plus shaving was easy. 

  • How did you know I work at a rugby club?!

    Yeah I meant cuts and stuff heal quicker with less hair. Agree with the massage - can't use oil if someone's very hairy unless you want to deliver a friction burn. I prefer to use balm or vaseline image

  • I know I'v mentioned it before but have to say it is so worth every penny to save up and get your legs lazered!! I'v had my legs and bikini line done, havnt had to shave/wax for over 2 years now. Next session will be my armpits.
  • I've waxed since I was about 16, my legs hardly have any hair now.  I'm getting my underarms lasered later this year, MissP where did you get yours done and how much did it cost?

  • I used to work with a girl many years ago, who didn't believe in trouser tash removal - she just used to "tuck it in"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭
    FB calls it minge fringe
  • lmao @ minge finge!

    Pavey, I had it done at a place called Lazer Care in Harley St, I know they have clinics all over the place now. I pre-paid for 6 sessions on each area, £350 for bikini and £740 for full legs. If oyu want to call them for a quote their number is 08000287222.

    This is my second attempt to post this so if it comes up twice I havnt a clue why!!
  • Minge fringe! LOL. Also... twat thatch.

  • Pavey lol at tucking it in.

    Farnie - sometimes you just can't help but notice.  

  • call them for a quote

    "Well madam that is one hairy beaver..........<sucking in of air> going tocost you for that"

    Siance i did't know you worked with a rugby club but the sense of humour level is there :0

  • image wouldn't normally but it was the size of a small terrier,


    I am back from the shop armed with veet, ready for hols.  Kathy, how soon before do you recommend?  I am too poor at the mo for a wax.  Even though I normally do my legs myself, waxing your nether regions is not for the faint hearted

  • ROFLMAO!!!!

    Minge fringe and twat thatch!!!!

     Love it!!

    Miss P thanks for that - Harley St is only round the corner from where I work.

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