Food for thought

We've had lots of discussion about what to eat/drink while in training or while actually running the marathon, but I'd like to be nosey and ask you all:

a] what will you eat the night before the race to 'carbo load'??? and

b] what will you reward yourself with food and drink-wise when all this FLM madness is over???


  • a) Pasta and a tomato-based meat sauce, followed by pudding.

    b) A return to eating normal quantities of food rather than the non-stop troughing that comes along with marathon training. And a can of cold beer.
  • Think for the afters I'd go for more carbs to reload.

    Beer is of course carbs!
  • a) pasta but not loads and loads, and nothing too stodgy or anything that will upset my tum!

    b) a kingsize snickers bar and a pint of cold beer. HMmmm, beer
  • pasta with a low fat sauce, maybe tomato and then afterwards chocolates, chips and beer.
    But then maybe just beer at it is the perfect food
  • Before I will have 2 big plates of pasta lunchtime on the saturday, with a tomato sauce not a creamy sauce as you could be asking for stomach trouble

    After I will have Steak Chips Beans, Chocaloate fudge cake, 6 pints of Stella, 20 Marlbro Lights and a packet of Bourbons with a hot chocalate.

  • Pasta in tomato sauce on Saturday. Pop a bottle of bubbly in the fridge before going to London.

    After - I fancy steak, jacket potato and salad washed down with bubbly and a fine wine!!!
  • Pasta or rice the night before with a chunk of fresh bread.

    Pizza and champers after - it's tradition in our house...

    Although straight after I suppose a rather dry cheese and tomato sandwich!!
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Pasta, veg & tomato sauce night before with bread & water.

    Straight after the race will be a protein bar & a couple of bagels followed by lashings and lashings of ale in the thistle with the other survivors & the forum supporters. Bugger the rehydration - that's for later!
  • Lots of similarity on both the before and after menus!

    For the record I'm going to go for 2 plates of Pasta and tomato sauce the night before and lots of water.

    When it's over and I've grabbed my kit bag: sandwiches and a mars bar, more water.

    Later that evening:
    Steak, a big one. Chips, lots of em. Salad, just to look at. And beer for for refuelling.
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