Great North Run

One for all you GNR vets - is it worth making the effort to go to the pasta party? I did the race last year but was staying in Durham (woken up at 3.00am but a leaking pipe in my not so fantastic room), so I didn't go. Anyway, I am based in Newcastle this year and have the car, so shall I indulge in a bit of mass carbo-loading?


  • I've been to the pasta party every year I've done the GNR but I won't be bothering this year. When it was on the Quayside in Newcastle it was good but since its been in South Shields I haven't liked it so much but have kept giving it another chance. However last year was the worst ever. I had a ticket for the late time slot and arrived in plenty of time. There were about five or six different queues outside the marquee none of which moved for over half an hour - they had entertainers outside to keep us amused so they obviously knew what was going to happen! I got really cold waiting 'cos as we all know, its just a bit exposed on South Shields seafront! When I finally got into the marquee I queued for at least another half an hour. The pasta was OK but not worth waiting that long and since you can only buy tickets in twos and I go on my own I think its a bit of a rip-off. I didn't get warm again until I got back to my accommodation in Newcastle - not the best preparation for the race although at my level it doesn't really make any difference! I'll be taking a nice M&S microwave pasta dish with me this year.
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