Running into a tree ...

No it's not your usual injury, running muscles are blissfully unconcerned ...  I ran my chest straight into a branch the other week (think jousting pole).  Being attached to Burnham Beeches the branch didn't give much and I ended up in a heap.  Most of 2 weeks later my sternum still aches.  Not excruciating, but quite noticeable.  Has anyone else had this kind of thing, and how long does it take to go away? I've iced, eaten ibuprofen, and cut the impact sports down, but this ain't good with a half mara coming up on Sunday and a planned mara in December! Any suggestions?  Heaven forbid I've cracked something!


  • was it a chestnut tree
  • sorry i couldn't stop myself hope you get better soon


  • oh dear I just read it all properly, beeches what a clown sorry!
  • Right sensible head on I can't function till I've had my coffee..

    My assistant broke his sternum Trail riding and was off work for months, and he had some real breathing difficulties plus other complications. I think you really know about it if you have done some serious damage.

    I hope you get someone along to give some good advice, good luck with it hope you can do the race at the weekend.

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