Moral Dilemma

OK, so six of you are running the GNR in 2 weeks time, all different standards but decided to stick together as a team with the slowest.

One team member (the best runner!) tears a knee ligament and can't run it, still going but has been told by doctor only walking allowed.

Do you still stick with the slowest, which mean you now are walking it despite all the training etc....???

What would you do?!


  • should all run your own race, if a few of you stick together great, if not there will be plenty of other people to keep you company!

    I wouldnt want to hold people up, and also the thought of being held abck can be frustrating. If some run at a similar pace then great, but walking would be a bit of a shame.

  • There are so many runners in GNR that you'll be lucky if you don't get split up anyway.  I agree with Nick run your own race and meet up for a celebratory beer at the end! Have fun.
  • you are more likely to talk to strangers, which contrary to parental advice is ok when you are a growd-up!
  • If you'd agreed to go at the speed of the slowest.- I think you should do that.- Unless she herself suggests that you go on.- She would have gone slowly to keep you company.- I think you should at least offer her the same?
  • Decide what you'd rather do, tell the person concerned, and then do it.   If someone is so thin skinned that they get upset at that then they need to get a grip.

  • Can't crocks defer these days?

    Otherwise run it. It's not a walk, and you're effectively dropping out altogether if you do walk it, in my opinion. I'm sure the afflicted runner would understand.
  • Why not discuss it with the injured runner?  I know how painful it is to be the slowest member of a team and know that I'm holding everyone else up, so I personally would ask you to run on and save me a beer at the finish. 

    However, if the 'team' bit is most important, and the fastest runner was prepared to slow down to keep you company then maybe you might think of offering the same option.

    Maybe the injured runner could go and support - cheer you in over that last long seaside mile, and rest the crocked knee a bit?

    Seems to me that a bit of honesty might not go amiss image

    Enjoy the race

  • Has the injured runner set any expectation that the team should walk with them?

    It's one thing 'running' at the slowest speed, as presumably you've partly trained together and have some expectation of what the slowest running speed of the team will be.

    If one of the team is then injured, but decides to enter regardless (albeit taking doctors advice to walk), it does seem unfair of them to expect everyone else to walk with them - And they may not be expecting the group to walk with them, but you'll have to ask them to find out.

    Maybe I'm just hard-hearted!


  • Well...I was the one dissenter when we discussed running as a team and it didn't go down well, which puts me off mentioning it now! Although I was dissenting because I am the slowest of the group, and I didn't want to hold anyone back. Don't actually like running with people, I run as a challenge to myself!

    So if it was me, I would say please go ahead without me. But that hasn't happened.

    It's for charity so she won't drop out. And it's taken a lot of planning to get up there, money for trains, accommodation, and we have a fundraising ball tomorrow night etc!

    It's just that I have taken this seriously and trained, given up alcohol, dieted...I could have walked 13 miles anyway without all the training!

    Right, thanks for the comments everyone...I am going to phone another team member right now!!

  • <waits patiently for outcome of phone call>

     we don't often have morals on here image

  • had all agreed to 'run' the race together after all, not 'walk' it!!

    If i were the injured party, i wouldn't expect people who had done all that training to walk with me, especially in an event like that when their will be so much support at the back of the field.

    I hope you and the rest of your team can agree, and that you don't fall out over it, as that would be a real shame. 

    Have you rang them yet?????.........

  • I hope you find a solution, Shmaggle. The moral of the story is not to undertake to do ANYTHING as a team with other people unless you've already established, and agreed, what you will do in circumstances such as this.

    In the injured runner's position I would hate the rest of the "team" to feel obliged to stick with me as I hobbled round - but if you'd already committed to a team effort then, as Helegant says, it should be for the injured runner to decide.

  • just agree to do it together and then run off.

    Is that mean?

    Thats what someone did to me.  But I don't mind.  I'd have done it to them!

  • Run the dang thing.  Can't think of anything (ok, can think of a few things) worse than walking a race such as GNR.
  • What an evening...anyway, one of the team said she is going to stick with the injured party and walk (so I am monster with two heads for being selfish)...but have just agreed with another 2 members that we are running! SO I can run alone. Thank God. I just would NOT be able to walk it on the day, once we pass that start line....I will just speak to the injured party tomorrow and hope it goes OK! Still not convinvced she should be walking 13 miles with a torn ligament....

    The motto of the story is that I should stick with my gut instinct and say 'no, I am a lone runner' from the start and not be swayed, even if people think I am selfish. AFter all, I like running BECAUSE I am only competing against myself.

    Thanks for all the opinions everyone - it's difficult to ask people who don't run, they don't know what it's all you said, velociraptor!

  • So what happens if one of you pulls out during the race  - do you all pull out as well?
  • Hurrah! All sorted out, I am going to run. She's not that happy about it because she wanted to do it as a team but understands that it's not fair. She has one team member staying with her and the other 4 of us are running.

    And from now on I won't be talked into running as a team!

    Thanks, everyone x

  • That's incredibly selfish of the injured runner. I hope she hurts the other leg. image

    Glad it all worked out for the best - good luck!
  • I'm going to be very unpopular after this but here goes.....

    GNR is a race that you run.  OK, OK there are people who raise money for charidy and choose to walk but it's a running race no matter how you look at it.

    Shmaggle if you have given up booze (mad woman but I've been there) and dieted and trained hard why the hell should anyone expect you to walk.

    Run rabbit run and flipping enjoy it.  Have a massive glass of chablis at the end to and stick fingers up at those who make you feel guilty image

  • Thanks wolfy and swerve, LOL now!! Yuuumm. chablis....!!!
  • Putting the chablis back in the fridge for you to have after your RUNNING of GNR! Glad it's worked out ok-ish...think leg-woman is being selfish to expect anyone to walk with her - and she shouldn't do it at all with a torn ligament.
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