Running tights for long legs


I need some advice on buying running tights. I usually run in lycra shorts in the summer, and trackie-type bottoms in the winter. The trackie bottoms are cotton and sometimes rub at the tops of my legs, so I really want to try proper running tights this year, as I'm doing longer distances now. The only problem is that I have a 36" inside leg and all the ones I have tried on so far leave about a 4 inch gap between the bottom of the tights and the start of my socks.

Does anyone know of any tights that are made slightly longer, or specifically for tall people? I have tried asking in sports shops, but no-one seems to know!

Any advice (other than shortening my legs) would be gratefully received.


  • I'm an 36" inside leg as well, and have done loads of 'research' on finding tights that are long enough for tall girls. I recently bought some adidas tights from Start Fitness, and they cover my legs ALMOST down to my ankles. I figure that put some long socks on underneath, and my ankles will be nice and warm in the winter. The Adidas tights are actually the womens tights - I was told to try mens tights, but found that apart from being bulky 'up top', they were too tight around the calves!and too short!!

    I also tried some Nike trousers on; too me they felt more like gym trousers, as they were flared at the bottom, but they were definetlively long enough for me.  Let me know if you find anything else - i'ts a pain having such a limited choice of trousers.

  • Not sure what my inside leg is but I use Sugoi long tights. I'm 510 and find they are plenty long enough for me. They are a bit on the pricey side but very good quality.
  • Gore tights and Brooks tights are miles too long for me so I'd recommend them to lanky lasses as worth a try image
  • many thanks for your replies - HalfAsleep - I'll let you know if I do find anything. there's obviously a gap in the market here - surely we can't be the only 'lanky lasses'?!

  • I'm not as tall as you but I find like halfasleep nike are a reasonable length.  They make tights as well as baggy trousers.
  • Try the cheap Ronhill ones.

    Anyone else want to claim for the longest loveliest legs? (Opens can of Stella, spicy cashew nuts and a Starbar)

  • How tall are you??! I'm 6' and have a 34" inside leg.
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who has leg length problems - tragically, I've got the other problem!!!  I've got a 27" inside leg!!  I can send you the bits I cut off my trackies/tights!! .....image

    Pulls up chair next to Dustboy and opens another Stella to judge the competition .... 

  • I've tried Ronhill ones, Dustboy - they're way too short for me. I end up with the crotch down to me knees, if you'll pardon the expression image

    I'm between 6'1" and 6'2", faithfulred, but I'm very long-limbed and gangly.

  • I just found this thread and though I could weigh in, someone might stumble accross it like I did 5 years after it was posted and need some up to date advise. Im 6'7" tall and have a 37" inside leg (consider yourselves top trumped) the only ones I have found and skins and the would fit someone with a few inch on me too. I got them for the main reason for the fit even though they cost a lot but Im obbessed with the compression now. Be warned make sure you get the thermal tights as the "normal" ones have a cooling effect.

  • For tall people, you can do worse than looking at the rowing specific kit (rowers are tall, and the leggings are cut long because you row sitting down). I've never had any complaints from either:




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