Runny nose

Does anyone else suffer from this, when I exercise my nose seems to run, even if I blow it regulalrly, it still keeps running, its getting embaressing having to either stop blowing my nose, or just let it run, sniff and wipe, image

It is all year round and not just cold weather. 

Is this a sign I could be intolerant to something or what?.


  • many many people suffer the same - I do - is even worse if you're doing a long bike ride as you can never clear properly. I have no idea what causes it although it is worse in the cold (probably due to greater dilation of the blood vessels in the sinus)

    learn to live with it

    the real question is though - drag & spit, drag & swallow, or just wipe???
  • Hi BeckyBoo,

    Do you suffer from hay-fever or have any other known allergies?

    If you run in the countryside I would say that you're having a reaction to pollen; if you run in urban/city areas it might be car fumes or a number of other air pollutants.

    A quick, if somewhat messy, possible solution is to dab some vaseline around your nostrils. This normally works for me, although if your problem persists then maybe you should consider allergy testing as it may be related to something that you're eating or wearing during exercise.


  • I runs whever I run.  I have no known allegies such as hayfever etc, but was wondering about having a test, so expensive though.
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    I'm also getting this this year it seems more than ever.  Like you Becky its wherever I run.  I think I will try the vaseline thing!

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • I should stress that the "vaseline-nostril method" is by no means a magic bullet but it has deffo helped.

    I have also recently started using a sea-salt nasal spray called Sterimar which has further helped my overall sinus problem.

    I still spend the first mile or so of most runs blowing/wiping etc. but it clears up after that

  • I get this but it's worse on a windy day. I just wipe it in my top... image

  • i get this loads.  I've got sore nostrils from my 10-miler last night (used my sleeves to wipe my nose - minger!)
  • I get this. As fb says, the question is how you deal with it. I press a finger against one nostril and use the tramp's hanky with the other. No problem image
  • tramps hanky i think is the only way bb, not very ladylike but you could practice, good luck....
  • When running on my own I have resorted to the tramps hanky as it is the only effective way on the move.  I feel too self conscious to do it in public with fellow runners though.image
  • Don't worry about it - it is an accepted technique in cycling, called the "snot rocket" in some circles. A mark of a true runner in our circles, I'd say image
  • snot rocket after 10 minutes, rain or shine. Just make sure it comes right out or it flies back and clings to something else.
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