New heart rate monitor

Hi all,

I ve just started to run again after a couple of years so I thought I would treat myself to a new heart rate monitor. I went for the polar rs400, a bit flash but i thought go for it, Any way, I did a tredmill test and got my max hr and got my resting hr so i could work out my working heart rate zones. my max is 189 and my resting is 54, I'm training at 60%-70% at the moment which I've worked out to be 135-148. BUT when I use the watches heart rate zones it has me at 113-135 for 60%-70%. Am i doing something completly stupid here or is my new all singing all dancing watch up the wall?

Thanks Nigel.


  • It's ignoring your resting HR and working out percentages of your max HR, rather than your working range percentage. Which is bloody useless really, but most (or all?) of them seem to do that for some reason.

  • Thanks Swerve,

    So i' m better off just putting in my own hr limits then. 

  • If it lets you do that - that is flash!
  • Ha ha ha,

    Theres a basic setting where i can do that

    Cheers mate.

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