The Hilly Clothing Company Richmond Castle 10K

I'm thinking of this (2 weeks after GNR - must be a glutton for punishment!) but I'm quite slow so was wondering if anyone knows where I can find the resul (to check whether it is full of people running it under 65 mins for instance - in which case I'd be last and a long way behind image.  I love Richmond, it's so scenic.  But I've only ever walked up those hills, not run!


  • I'm the race organiser for the Richmond Castle 10k. The results were published on but due to the site being updated they are not currently shown. Looking at last years results we had 23 runners finishing in over 65 minutes so you should have no worries at being last or a long way behind. I hope this gives you the confidence to give the race a go.

    It's not the easiest of 10k courses, I should know as I have run the route many times but it is popular and we have many regular entrants from far and wide. Must be all the downhills!

  • Thanks Pete, think I may well go for it!  Not too worried about being last (no shame in it after all) but wouldn't want to be too far behind the second last finisher!
  • I am also doing it 2 weeks after the GNR which was my first!  Don't think I will do it in under 65 mins - too many hills!  It is my 1st 10k race - I have got the bug since doing GNR!.  Gill
  • see you tomorrow morning image
  • A lovely morning , warm sunny but after those hills it felt like the heat of the Sahara.
    This was my 4th running of this race and it is not getting any easier(my slowest time). The atmosphere is fantastic with great organisation the castle finish and Beer festival in the Indoor market ,my favourite event.
    (Is there a tougher 10k road race?)
  • really enjoyed the downhill bits!   managed to do it faster than I expected (54:53) so all in all a good day despite walking up 1 of the hills!!! 

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