Rest days

Am i on my own here?

I feel really tired today and have decided to have a rest day. I'm just getting back into running and have run for the past 4 days;( after a 2 year lay off)  but do I feel guilty and lazy about having a restimage.


  • Only feel guilty if you were really looking forward to spending many weeks or months recovering from an over-use injury.

    Listen to your body, if it feels tired, take a days rest. I have a complete days rest at least once a week, and I cross train anyway to reduce the impact on my body. Seems to work for me.
  • Thanks Cougie,

  • i know what you mean about the feelings of guilt. however i often take a day or 2 off and always come back feeling fitter and posting faster times on my training runs.

    this running/training lark is highly addictive and it can i think become a bit of a compulsion. to remedy this have a day off! eat loads of food you know you shouldnt! dare i say drink more than 3 units of alcohol! you'll return a healthier and more balanced runner.

    (please ignore the above if you are training for a marathon or any event in the forthcoming olympics)

  • Pub it is then, image thx
  • At least it's a rest day - think of us injured ones who are having enforced rest! image

    *pads off to get more ice for knee*

  • Very true, As I sit here with a bag of jellys I don't feel so guilty. Hope your not injured for too long.

  • I'm feeling a bit grumbly about resting too.

    Overdid it last week - I was perfectly capable of running the total of 22 miles I ran last week, but shouldn't really have done so given the smaller mileages I'd been notching up in previous weeks, and as a result my knees were still niggling even yesterday from my long run on Sunday.

    I'm also in super-busy time at work at the moment, so basically doing a lot of rushing around and working extra hours, as well as walking to/from work.  I know ultimately I shouldn't feel bad about a little less exercise when I haven't got so much free time (I'ver told a colleague of mine not to get hung up about this - should follow my own advice!), but in other ways I could kick myself for not knowing when to step back, particularly as I was so chuffed with my running last week.

    Still, will go out running tonight - three days' rest is more than enough (when I'm not actually properly injured) and I need the running to clear my head and bring me back to sanity.

    To all those injured peeps - best of luck with your recovery.

  • Short people need more rest. It's official
  • Wot Stump says image
  • image I'm enjoying my rest day now, Thanks.

    p.s I'm average height, and no not for a midget.(no offence intended)

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who over does things!!
  • And so am I should really go and do some work.
  • Damn! Over-doing it was possibly the cause of me spraining my right ankle out running on Thursday evening - it just sprained itself without so much as a twist or a trip.image

    Now I am forced to rest against my will.

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