I've stopped smoking

But I really need a smoke. Anyone for encouragement? I've done almost 2 weeks, and I feel different this time, as though I need to give up.

Any sponsorship for 2008 would help, that's really why I've stopped smoking image



  • Nykie

    One step at a time
    Just quit for a day. Today.
    Tomorrow is another challenge, park it.
    Do you really need a stroke or heart attack to act as your warning shot?

    The public commitment helps, but it's got to be within you.

    Good luck

  • alcohol actually starts tasting even nicer when your taste buds start working again! I'm off the cigs about 2 - 3 mths and would NEVER go back! Life is great free of the nicotine trap! Don't go back... there's no truth in that crap about always a smoker etc. etc.. believe me!
  • Nykie, trust me it does get easier.  I gave up several times, the final one being when I had a really bad asthma attack and thought I was a gonner.  Years later I'm no longer asthmatic, rarely get colds but when I do it doesn't always end up in a disgusting chesty cough, and like CRB says food and wine really does taste better.

    Stick with it mate it will be worth it, and good luck

  • Nykie, to echo what Blisters said, it took my dad until his 4th or 5th heart attack before he stopped smoking. Since then he's has major heart surgery (artery bypass graft), 6 small strokes, another heart attack and an aortic aneurysm.

    Just stop it!!

  • Kwilter - have a mate in the voluntary ambulance - said people who have heart attacks are the worst for not giving up - apparently they lose their fear of what's gonna happen cos they've survived an attack... saw it with a guy I work with who still smokes..
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