Advice on thrush?

Hi out there,
One for the women..... Do any of you have any tips on getting rid of and preventing recurrances of thrush? I was never bothered with it till taking up running. Am using some over the counter stuff which is helping, and following advice on live yoghurt drinks and big cotton pants (whey hey!). Have also just seen the hints on the coolmax pants from Asda, may be worth a go! Any other suggestions appreciated!


  • Marion. What sort of shorts do you wear? I found my problems were helped when I stopped wearing knickers under my shorts. I wear the ones that have an inner liner rather than the lycra type....might help? Also for a while I applied Aqueos Cream as well as this creates a barrier against the sweat/warmth that those thrush blighters seem to love... good luck, Amanda
  • Thanks Amanda!
    I have been wearing lycra type leggings and trackie bottoms over the winter. (and the cotton pants for security!) Maybe I should give the lycra a rest and stay with more breathable fabrics. Might also try out the shorts with liners in- that seems like a good idea!
  • Marion, too many layers methinks. Try the looser, racing cut shorts without any other undies and hopefully you'll be fine.
  • Marion...while you are suffering it is worth throwing out any bubbly things you put in the bath. They tend to aggravate the condition, and in my case can trigger it off. Are you using the pessaries and cream. If so its worth trying Diflucan, the pill method..over the counter. One tablet works. Obviously its better to stop it happenning in the first place tho'

    Good luck
  • If you have a partner, you might suggest that they also use some of the over the counter cream, like Canesten. Then you'll both be yeast-free, yippee!!
  • Hi Marion. Horrible, isn't it?

    If you get recurrent thrush, it might be worth a trip to see your GP or, if you prefer, the genitourinary medicine department (they're really good, and not just there for sexually transmitted infections, which thrush, of course, isn't). Three reasons:
    1. To have swabs taken to make sure it IS thrush.
    2. To have a fingerprick blood glucose test. Sometimes (rarely!) recurrent thrush is the presenting sign for diabetes.
    3. To get treatment that can deal with the more uncommon variants of the yeast that causes thrush. Sporanox (oral capsules) or nystatin (pessaries) are the best options, but need to be prescribed.

    Self-help: Probiotics may help. As SP says, throw out the bath cosmetics - shower if you can, and use plain water or unscented soap "down there". Wear breathable undies and give them an extra rinse after washing them. And if you have a partner, get him to use anti-thrush cream (externally is fine) two or three times a day for a few days.

    Changing your contraception to depo-provera (the injection) seems to sort out recurrent thrush - nobody is quite sure how. A low-sugar diet may help. Avoiding yeast in foods doesn't, because the yeast in bread and the yeast that causes thrush are not related.

    Whatever you do, one day it will just stop recurring. I promise :-)
  • Yes im a bloke but my ex used to get it reccuringly but wouldnt listen to anything I said, cos she used to wear(still does) those horrible lyccra tight things. And beleive me on a woman that big she could sweat.

    Get rid of the tight kit and run loose(naked would be better).......... Heh heh !!!!!!
  • hey that depo-provera tip is a new one on me VC - gonna ask the nurses about that tomorrow
  • defintely avoid stuff in the bath and go without knickers whenver night etc
  • Thanks everyone!
    I now have lots of things to try. Very interesting about not having to avoid yeast, I had read that I should! I will avoid the sugar though! With a bit of luck and a few changes, I should be sorted!
    Mind you, I don't think the streets of Glasgow are ready for a naked runner yet! You could get a nasty chill, and that is another story!
  • I got the depo-provera tip during my family planning practical training course aeons ago, Al. It's magical stuff - allegedly reduces the risk of sickle-cell crises too.
  • Dammit, I was going to use the "Thwart not the librarian" image for my picture! I'll try to upload the "Lipstick librarian" instead. Can't offer any advice on the problem, but best of luck with it!
  • I use Lactacyd from Superdrug to get rid of whiffs down below after runs, expensive (£5)but lasts ages because it foams up really well and its ph balanced etc.
  • Thrush is common problem arises near vagina but it can be treated by using Calendula Pessaries. The results of using Pessaries are really good. You can also order Pessaries online.


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