Lost my voice

since monday, i have had a very hoarse voice which at times is inaudible.  not ideal being a medical secretary but never mind.

i had a 5k on sunday and had a thumping headache by the time i got home.  took meds and woke up with migraine at 3am; took more meds.  felt better by evening (although still slightly queasy.)

i feel absolutely fine (apart from being a bit tired but i have a 3 year old so that comes with the territory) and i have no sore throat or inklings of a cold but still the voice of a 60 a day smoker (i don't smoke.)

any suggestions?


  • i cant hear you speak up image
  • MRT, I get that when I'm stressed / overworked. Sounds sexy apparently image

    Steam inhalation and hot honey & lemon drinks help, along with resting the voice.

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