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This might be a silly question but I was wondering if there are any races where you just do running and swimming together? Obviously I have heard of Duathlons and Triathlons, I was wondering if this type of race also existed.



  • Sure does. They're called aquathons or aquathlons. They are swim/run.

    There's one in Surrey this Sunday at

    I'm sure the BTA website has lists.

  • there's a festival called 'the big woody' (which was a few weeks ago - but will be repeated next year) that also has one

    you'll be lucky to find any more this year (after this month) - it gets a bit cold!

  • Thanks alot for the quick  reply Dr Nic. At least I know they exist now and what they are called! I would love to do a triathlon but would never have the time to get the mileage in on the bike, especially in the winter. Im not a good swimmer at the moment but I could definitely work at it over the winter when I cant run as much.

    I am up in Newcastle so I'll have to find something up here if I can.


  • if you want to 'do' (as opposed to 'win') a triathlon you don't have to do much work on the bike at all.  maybe do your home-to-work commute on it a couple of times a week

     that will give you a much wider range of options - aqua-run events are pretty uncommon

  • Thanks Candy. I didnt think they would be very common. Would an exercise bike suitable? I was also thinking about an indoor triathlon.


  • i wouldn't have thought you'd get very far on an exercise bike?  they don't have wheels.  do you mean a mountain bike?  if so, yes, definitely.  anything you like.
  • I just meant for my training purposes on the exercise bike if that would be suitable.
  • ROFL!!!!!!

    exercise bike may work but you would need resistance and the body position is diffrent. Get a road bike, buy a turbo and volia indoor training.

    MTB in the winter, great fun.

  • Keep going. we will have a convert shortly, we could always send Wild Will round to assist in the conversion 
  • Thanks for the advice. I would love to do a triathlon. I dont think I would have the time for the cycling. A turbo trainer would be ideal but where I live at the moment I would have nowhere to use it or keep it. Are Duathlons more popular. I could probably do a two disciplines.


  • Lots of triathlons have a 20k or so bike leg, it isnt that far especially if you have a running base.

    get your name down for one in the spring, what about Nice???.

  • Sounds good Plum. Will need to learn how to swim alot better as well but have got plenty  of time. Where do I start? When is Nice by the way?



  • Nice is somewhat further than a 20k bike but then again Plum wouldnt know as he never makes it that far


  • If you're OK with finishing rather than competing...then you don't need to bike much.  I'm utterly cr*p at cycling (yes, even worse than my running)....and came lastish in the triathlons I did before knees decided to give up. 

    Probably cycled once or twice a month (yes I know, but it made my knees grumble) 

    But in a pool based triathlon they usually put the slow-ones in first, so I was never last out on the course....the speedy types were only setting off as I finished.

     Good fun even on next to no training!

  • Plum, that was cruel;O)

    Ianrunner, a pool based tri is a lot of fun and usually quite short. Also you don't need a wettie. OK, you won't be Mr Nuclear powered legs man on a hybrid or whatever but what a laugh.

  • training mostly on an exercise bike is fine, provided you're comfortable riding a bike on the roads.

  •   Try your local tri-club and see what they have to offer. Quite a few of the clubs in Essex run aquathons during the winter months. My own club stop doing monthly club tri's from oct to about april and do aquathons instead. The only time we stop is if it snows.
  • IR

    ther is normaly an Aquathlon at  the northumberland TRi Festival up at ladyburn lake but i havnt come across any others around here

  • IR

    City pool is normaly quite good for swimming at a lunch time .... plus they also offer 1-2-1 swimming lessons

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